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TWIY: Yoga Pants Relieve Stress (Even See-Through Ones), Queer Yoga, Detroit Lions

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November! Arewerite? Where did all this fallness come from all of a sudden? Not that we’re complaining. Cozy-sweater-wearing-warm-beverage-sipping is totally our favorite Fall pose, right after wow-is-it-really-that-dark-already-it’s-time-for-savasana.

This year sure has gone by fast. It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but we have much to be thankful for. As of today, we’ve published over 2,251 posts on yogadork.com over the past 5+ years, which to us is just crazy and something definitely worth celebrating.

But more than that we’re humbled by the support and love we’ve seen from the YD community and couldn’t be more grateful for the support over the years. As yoga and YD evolve, we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you, no matter what happens to our beloved yoga pants. Oh, and there’s a lot to say lately about those yoga pants…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

FACT: Yoga Pants Relieve Stress*
Buuuuut…you knew that already.


Except this is when yoga pants might cause some stress, when they have to do with shaming women’s bodies:
Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson: ‘Some Women’s Bodies’ and Thighs ‘Don’t Work’ for Their Pants


A response was issued, but it might not make anyone feel any better.
Chip Wilson, ‘Sad for People of Lululemon,’ Issues Apology to Employees, Asks Customers to Remain Loyal

But how can the sheer yoga pants debacle end up being a good thing?
See-Through Yoga Pants Expose More Than Our Butts (And That May Be A Good Thing)


Football and yoga and the Detroit Lions, oh my! Megatron Is A Yogi.
Detroit Lions Show Courage in Yoga Practice, Realize It Isn’t ‘Girly’


“Different expressions are honored, people are respected for who they are, instead of who we think they should be…”
Questioning Queer Yoga


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Yoga in a Digital Age

Congrats to Your 2013 Halloween YogaDork Edgar Allan Crow!

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