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FACT: Yoga Pants Relieve Stress*

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Speaking of yoga pants…

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Yoga pants relieve stress.*

See-through or not, yoga pants are still the most comfortable things ever.

*completely unscientific, but true.



See-Through Yoga Pants Expose More Than Our Butts (And That May Be A Good Thing)

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  • James

    Very true. Whenever my fiance puts on her yoga pants I feel much better.

    It doesn’t work for me, though. I put on her yoga pants and felt very awkward. Then she came home and saw me. Suffice to say that her stress levels increased after that….

  • I would completely agree, I feel more relaxed when wearing my yoga pants.

  • A longtime philosophy of mine: The world would a better, more peaceful place if we all wore yoga pants all the time.

  • Yes. 110% yes. Immense release of tension the second those damn jeans are off and the yoga pants go on. Why can’t yoga pants feel as saucy as jeans and boots?!

  • allan beveridge

    Why wear anything,back to basics lovely people 😉 I love/loved my yoga pants but the majority of the time they stay in the drawer .

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