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It’s Red Sox vs Cardinals in the World Series (Of Yoga Pants)

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world-series-yoga-pants-2013What happens when two baseball teams playing each other in the World Series both have classy branded yoga pants AND yoga classes inside their stadiums? A right yoga rivalry!

It’s true, both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox have offered yoga in their home stadiums and shwaggy yoga pants. BUT, will that have an effect on the outcome of the World Series?

Exhibit A) Boston Red Sox Yoga

The Red Sox have their very own fancy Fenwayoga website and logo. Fans who participated in the yoga sessions got to keep special Red Sox yoga mats. However, the yoga was held around the outskirts of the field, not on the precious grass itself. It was during the season, so we’ll let them slide. Heh, get it? Also, it was a charity fundraiser.


The extensive facial hair of Red Sox players certainly makes them LOOK more yogi-like (or Amish), but do they actually practice?

Exhibit B) St. Louis Cardinals Yoga

This news footage shows yogis at Busch Stadium, all 1,800 of them. That’s more yogis practicing in one single place in St. Louis than any time ever! That has to say something. As Julia Row, the Cardinals’ Director of Special Events said, “It can’t hurt to have all that positive energy on the field.”

Look at all those yogis on the field! That’s actually on the field. They’re not afraid of a little asana on the grass. As far as we know this wasn’t a fundraiser, but it certainly was a fun-raiser! oy.


We’d take “cardinal pose” over “sox pose” any day. But do the Cardinals practice yoga?

Exhibit C) The Yoga Pants

Well, they both have special team yoga pants courtesy of Victoria’s Secret, who seem to have the monopoly over sports-branded yoga pants these days. Also, they look almost identical in color and design, which is to say, there’s not much of a competition. So really, in the yoga pants respect we have a dead heat.

The Red Sox lead the series 3-2 with game 6 tonight. Who will come out triumphant? Why, the yoga pants, of course! The ones we have on right now. Swing batta batta!




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