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Blame It ALL On Mercury In Retrograde

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Mercury in Retrograde

Subtitle: Is Mercury in Retrograde? Yes, And That’s Why Everything Sucks Right Now!

Your computer crashes, your phone dumps all your contacts, communication with anyone is totally awkward and haywire and you’re late to every yoga class. Nothing is going right! It’s not bad luck, or even Murphy’s Law. No, it’s that other M word…it must be Mercury in retrograde!

It lasts for weeks and happens multiple times a year and yet somehow we all survive it – though some may fare better than others. Do you play the blame game? It’s not just you, Mercury in retrograde can be a real jerk.

This funny video from Lissette Schuster (responsible for the hilarious Yoga Class Road Rage video) may sound all too familiar when good old Mercury decides to screw us all over and go retrograde. Laugh, cringe, hug your technological devices and enjoy!

Is mercury in retrograde right now? Confirm here.



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  • Michelle

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Small correction. “some may fair better than others” — should be “fare.”

    • YD

      hey. all’s fair during mercury in retrograde. thanks 😉

  • Thank you for the advice. I will refer back to this blog the next time too as I am getting here sensible posts.

  • Dana Massi

    Yeah. I need a vacation from this!
    Excellent video!

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