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Julianne Moore on Yoga Practice, Aging Gracefully and Being Grateful for Everything

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Julianne Moore yogaAt 52 years young, Julianne Moore is a timeless, ageless actress who loves yoga and makes us get all squeally fangirl whenever we read more evidence of her awesomeness. In promotion of the upcoming film remake of “Carrie” in which she plays the kooky Carrie mom, Moore talked to Health magazine about subjects completely unrelated to bloody horror movies: yoga, juice cleanses and acupuncture.

“I try to do Ashtanga yoga two to three times a week,” Moore told Health. She’s also doing light weight training and “a lot of jumping around” though she admits doing anything six days a week – as in a strict Ashtanga practice (minus moon days) – isn’t for her anymore.

“The main problem is I can’t do anything six days straight because I get hurt,” she said. “That’s the thing about old age—eventually your hip starts to hurt and you have to switch and do something else.”

Moore has been a yoga fan for a while now and has expressed her preference for the practice over the torture of gym workouts: “I really like yoga. I enjoy the actual doing of it, so it doesn’t feel like the agony of the gym felt like to me,” she told Health a few years ago. And don’t even ask her to go spinning.

“My girlfriend was like, “Lets go Spinning!” I went and was like, “Oh my God, my head hurts from the yelling and yelling and yelling.” It was too much stimulation for me. My friend loved it because it got her energized and excited, but for me I just got overwhelmed. Yoga is quiet and focused.”

Besides yoga to stay healthy, Moore gets regular acupuncture treatments for aches and pains and relieving anxiety. She’ll do the “silly juice cleanse” every now and then, but she’s mostly mindful about too much dairy, sugar and alcohol in her diet, while leaving plenty of room for indulgence, too.

When asked what she’s grateful for, Julianne Moore responded with exactly what we’d expect her doppelganger Glinda the Good Witch to say to make us want her to be our mom.

“Oh my God — I’m grateful for everything!” she gushed. “I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for my family, for my children, their health and my health, my husband’s health. I think the older you get, the less you take anything at all for granted.”



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  • PS in NY

    Beautiful, and full of common sense. I love her!

  • When investing in a yoga DVD, first figure out what level you are
    at- are you currently a novice, intermediate or sophisticated yoga practitioner.

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