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Posture Matters: Cute Animated Video Reminds Us to Get Off Our Butts During the Day

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Hey yogadorks, you may want to stand up for this. We happened upon this cute and fun animation about posture and the hazards of sitting for super long hours a day. (We swear there’s cute and funness in there.) Yep, we’ve talked about how improving your posture can help make you happier and keep you healthier, and we love how this short little video drives home that point while offering a few tips on how to battle cases of chronic sitting-itis and crouching typer, hidden drooper.

A perfect reminder that even desk-dwellers can take time out to improve their posture, pop into some yoga poses, stretch and move during the day. Check it out and share with your loved ones! Combine this with taking a moment to meditate and you’re golden.




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  • Charlotte

    Thanks for posting this. I work half days at a desk and my strategy is to drink 28 oz. of water during that period. It has more than one benefit–it keeps me hydrated and keeps me mobile because I have to keep getting up.

  • Nate

    Sit on a giant bouncy ball. Does wonders!

  • Nancy

    My standing desk rocks!!! Core is active, ten pounds lighter, and I can dance at my desk.

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