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Good News: Smithsonian Yoga Exhibit Will Open This Weekend as Scheduled

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Were you holding your breath? We hope not, yogsters! Either way, we can all take a deep exhale now that the government is back from its shutdown status (mostly) which means the Smithsonian’s ”Yoga: The Art of Transformation” WILL OPEN this Saturday, October 19 as scheduled. Phew.

The exhibit features 130 objects from 25 museums and private collections in India, Europe and the United States spanning yoga’s history for the past 2,000 years, and is the first of its kind. There’s been lots of media attention and events surrounding the opening including appearances by Mrs. and Mr. Yoga, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, plus lots of you out there contributed money to get this thing off the ground, so it’s a good thing everything will go as planned. The anticipation is making us…calm and cool, of course! Because we’re yogadorks, afterall.

The exhibit is on view through January 26, 2014. Barring any future government interventions, “The Art of Transformation” will travel to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum (Feb. 21–May 25, 2014) and the Cleveland Museum of Art (June 22–Sep. 7, 2014).



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