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6 Hot New Yoga Beers

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While beer makers are battling it out over the use of ‘Namaste’ we at YD Brewery got inspired to come up with a few new yoga-inspired brews of the bubbly. Here are 6 new craft beers we expect to be coming to your microbrew pub/yoga studio very soon!
(Thanks in part to creative and crafty brewmasters Thais Guimaraes and Liz Vartanian.)

Here they are!


Setu Bandhaweiser

– Popular full-bodied lager uniting football fans and yoga aficionados alike, it really is the bridge of beers.


Guruness Extra Devout

– Deep, dark brew that’s surprisingly light with a heady finish. (Highly habit-forming; illegal in some states.)


90 Minute Vinyasa

– Smooth and flowing pilsner with a snappy balance of hops and flowery flourishes. Brewed with reverse osmosis coconut water, this refreshing beer is full of hydrating electrolytes.


Gomukhasan Heifer-wiezen

– High potency wheat beer. With 9.4% ABV, the mooore your drink, the less of a cow face he/she’ll have. Serving tip: Delicious with twisted pretzels.



– Intensely effervescent amber ale with a strong foundation that goes straight to your head. Inverted brewing process makes this beer a winner from any perspective.


Pune Pale Ale

– This pale ale has the fire of a lion and the longevity of a yogi. It’s known to put a few hairs on your eyebrows.

Coming soon…Chakrona Blue, Salute the Sun Seasonal Summer Ale, Shakti Artois.

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  • Vision_Quest2

    Did this Liz Vartanian used to be known as Lo of Y is for Yogini?
    Inquiring minds want to know …

    Naaaaah … but an excellent Lo impostor!!

    • YD

      good guess, but nope! though you can blame me for most of this ridiculousness.

      ps. agreed we’re all definitely in need of a good Y is for Yogini post.

  • These beers looking very healthy and delicious.. Will really it be? Well definitely would like to go with all as I love to have beer 🙂

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