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During Government Shutdown, Yoga Perks Emerge

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So if you’ve been up on the news or tried to go to Yosemite National Park for its 123rd birthday this week, you’d know the government is currently in shitdown shutdown mode. However, if you happen to be one of the 800,000 government employees out of the office (or forest) as an effect, don’t be distraught, there are discount yoga classes to be had!

Like at Willow Street Yoga Center in Maryland who is offering special $10 drop-in classes for people with a government ID.

The website explains:

“We are acutely aware that the shutdown of the Federal Government is affecting our students and community. We know that In times like this yoga is more essential than ever.”

Maybe true and it’s a nice gesture, but just a tad opportunistic too, no? Though, they’re not alone. The gimmicks have extended to free food, tickets to the theater and free oil changes.

Gimmicky or not, we have to admit, if we worked for the government we’d totally be taking yoga classes, getting our tires rotated and eating free cupcakes before the end of the day.

[Washington Post]

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  • My stepdad who literally just retired from the Army after 20 years this month, now works for the government as a civilian. Because of the shut down, he has to go to work unpaid indefinitely (meanwhile his new paycheck was nearly half what he was paid while in active duty, so this is so not helpful) and he also will not get his retirement checks indefinitely. My mother was laid off a few months ago and still can’t find work and of course they can’t afford education for her to get training to have a better chance in finding more than a retail or receptionist job. My stepdad has PTSD and serious back problems because of his work over the last 20 years, and now cannot pay for therapy of any kind because they don’t have the money, and of course, now they have to pay for their own health insurance (so we need the Affordable Care Act to give him access to the care he needs…as much as my stepdad and mother are against “Obamacare” they have no idea how much they need it.)

    And the other thing they, (and the hundreds of thousands of people who are not getting paid because the very government that’s meant to protect us is comprised of a bunch of 6 year olds in old-white-man bodies), could need, (being that they can’t afford therapy for PTSD on top of feeling the stress of wondering how the hell they will suppor their family), would be a cheap yoga class to just escape from (or face) their harsh reality in a safe space.

    Perhaps the businesses are being opportunistic, but these people whom are being “furloughed” truly need whatever help they can get being that they have zero income with bills, rent/mortgages to pay and mouths to feed aside from their own. So what if these businesses are creating what is essentially a symbiotic relationship, they get something out of it, the people get an affordable product or service they need. I’m not sure what is wrong about this?

    • Inge

      Doesn’t your dad get healthcare from the VA? My hubby is retired army and gets free healthcare from VA. Also doesn’t he get a check from working in the military for 20 years? If he doesn’t, check in to it. I think he is entitled.

  • I certainly would not presume to speak for anyone else, but as the owner of a studio near Washington, DC, I can tell you that we are offering a bit of help for those affected by the furlough because we feel it’s the right thing to do. Period.

  • Rainbow Patchouli Bracelet

    I was amazed to read that there were 40,000 furloughed military personal. This doesn’t include any of the active service, or others involved with some sort of work that was deemed essential. What in the world do all those people do in the War Department of the US?

    There are messed up priorities in this country that it has so many thousand employed with military that it can layoff 40,000 and it doesn’t matter a bit as to the actual defense of the country.

  • Phoenix

    I don’t see this as opportunistic at all. It’s simply a studio responding to a crisis that’s directly impacting their clientele. Willow Street Yoga is located in an area where many government workers live – many of whom probably already practice at their studio. Providing a discount is helpful to those who aren’t getting paid right now. Nothing wrong with helping people continue practicing yoga when they may need it most.

  • In a time of high stress, I can’t imagine anything better than a yoga class. Opportunistic or not, it’s needed!

  • Jill

    At least that studio is actually offering a discount. My local is simply rebranding their cheap classes as “furlough madness!”

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