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‘The Fat Jew’ Teaches Hot Yoga to Homeless in NYC’s Steamy Subways

in Public Display of Yoga

fat-jew-subway-yogaYES. In a moment of sheer “only in New York” ness, local stunt comedian known as “The Fat Jew” took to NYC’s steamy subways this summer for some hot yoga! If you’ve ever experienced the extreme heat and rainforest rivaling humidity of the subway platform during the sweltering summer, then you know the conditions are legit perfect for some hot yoga.

TFJ, the same guy who leads spinning classes for homeless people on NY’s new public bike system, is opening up his repertoire to teaching free Bikram yoga for the less fortunate. If only he knew what a statement this makes against the cost-prohibitive exclusivity that is the hot yoga craze. (Note: we have high doubts TFJ has any formal yoga teacher training as evidenced by the form, pose pronunciation and doing down dog in a Bikram class.)

Sure, there is much to be said about alignment here, and everyone’s wearing shoes! But, if you’ve ever been in the depths of NYC subways you’d opt to keep your feet covered, too.

The Fat Jew (real name Fabrizio Goldstein) told NY Mag’s Daily Intelligencer that he really does teach the classes for exercise not just for a laugh.

“The rate of return for people who do it the first time is like 100 percent. Anyone who thinks it’s exploitative is making a tremendous snap judgement,” he said. “There’s water, food, and everybody feels good. There’s no obligation to go and the people who do have the most killer time.”



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  • leoschmeo

    A truly sweet/sweat gathering of gentle yogis.

  • arlet

    i’m in love with this and cycling video of the Fat Jew too. it seems like the participants are actually enjoying the workouts?? 🙂 http://extendyoga.com/

  • marilyn baker

    Do you need a brand new spinning bike that needs to be put together?

  • marilyn baker

    Do you need a collection of yoga books in great condition?
    You could sell them.

  • Sarag

    these are the kind of people i love! this guy deserves a nobel prize

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  • Vision_Quest2

    Shared – with impunity – on my blogsite.

    Some of the Bikram folks are so 1%-er it’s despicable.

  • Prefect and laugh and some exercise also!

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