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Alec Baldwin, Yoga Assistant in Wife Hilaria’s Prenatal DVD (VIDEO)

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Let’s be honest, there’s hardly a news story in recent history involving actor Alec Baldwin without the words paparazzi, harassment and twitter. And we know that when it comes to supporting his new wife Hilaria and her yoga endeavors, it seems there’s nothing he won’t do. BUT, we’re pleased to see that Hilaria, a NYC yoga teacher and new mom to baby Carmen born last month, is involving her hubby in some, ah, healthier habits.

Hilaria has a new “Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga” DVD employing the assistance of Alec as a helpful, albeit a tad awkward, prenatal yoga partner (see video below). She did yoga mostly on her own, but Alec “was really great at helping me alleviate [aches and pains] through yoga stretches,” Hilaria told Vanity Fair in a recent interview.

All of you pregnant/previously pregnant mommas out there probably know what she’s talking about.

Hilaria, who skyrocketed from a local yoga teacher to the spotlight of celebrity and paparazzi flashes in just a short time is, dare we say, one of the sanest celeb yoga teachers we’ve seen in a while. When asked the body-obsessed media’s obligatory question, “what about your post-pregnancy workouts?” Hilaria was conscious with her response despite (ridiculous) expectations that women should bounce right back to their post-baby bodies.

I started just doing very, very, light, light stretches. I’m careful to say that because I don’t want people to think I was on a yoga mat in my hospital room, but even in my hospital room I was aware of just flexing my feet, trying to get some circulation into my legs, because circulation promotes better healing. After delivering I took very slow walks down the hallway in the hospital.

As for Alec’s foray into yoga DVDs, don’t get too used to it, it was likely just a cameo and not a regular thing. “Sometimes I step into his world, and that was an example of him stepping into my world. He very much did what I wanted him to do,” Hilaria explained.

We can’t wait for the SNL parody.




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