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TWIY: Yoga for Peace in Palestine, Yoga Pants Ban, Sticking it to the ‘Namaste’ Culture

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Huzzah! Happy equinox! It’s officially fall…are you ready? While these days start to get shorter and shorter, they certainly don’t get any easier or less busy. Some days we have the patience and energy to power through, and some, well, some days we’re ALL very lucky and thankful we did the yoga!

(Shout out to our pal @yisforyogini for this one.)

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Perspectives: Palestinian Women Embrace Yoga for Peace
A glimpse of yoga on the West Bank.



Sonima Foundation Continues Expanding Yoga in Schools Program with $62k Grant
Yet another school benefits from the abundance and mission of the Sonima Foundation.


Huffington Post Writer Lampoons Whole Foods’ ‘Namaste’ Culture, Hot Yoga
Humorist Kelly MacLean waxes comedic on the whole kombucha-filled, greenback culture.


Rumor of Yoga Pants Ban Has High School Students Unite in Stretchy Pants Protest
Do not, we repeat, do not try to take away yoga pants from these teenagers.

stevie-weinstein-foner-yogaThis Song: The Kirtan-Pop Crossover MTV Calls ‘Yoga to Your Ears’
Ready for your k-pop earworm? Meet SWF.

slyandthefamilystone-yogatuningYogaTuning: Everyday People
Inspirational quotes, 70s soul style.



TWIY: Yoga+Life Coaching, ‘The Fat Yoga Teacher’, World’s Wealthiest Yoga Nonprofit

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