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Meditation Jar: Brilliant Yoga and Art Idea For Kids

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Call it a modern day, glitz-ified snowglobe, this “meditation jar” is a brilliant idea.

We’re not really known for being crafty, except for maybe a few times we’ve snuck cookies off the cooling tray, but when this kid’s project popped up on our radar we couldn’t help be impressed with both its level of simplicity (ding!), its cool factor (ding! ding!) and its potential to have a calming, one could say, meditative effect on its audience, even rambunctious kids and their rowdy adult counterparts (ding! ding! ding!)

Suzanne Seligson, an Art Therapist and Kids Yoga teacher in Montclair, NJ shared on a parenting site how this “meditation jar” combines creativity and expression to help students in her Kids Yoga and Art classes deal with their jumble of emotions, kind of like how kale chips mask that whole veggie thing. It’s easy to make, and leaves plenty of room for imagination.

Meditation Jar
In a glass jar (recycled pasta sauce or baby food jar), mix about 1 tablespoon of glitter glue (found in any art store) with 1 cup of warm water.  If desired, add food coloring for some vibrant color.

Have your child imagine the glitter as their thoughts.  Have them shake the jar and imagine their head full of whirling thoughts.  Then have them set the jar down, and continue to watch the thoughts slowly settle as they, themselves, begin to calm.

We love this, and there are unlimited options when it comes to children’s imaginations. A tool to calm the mind and open it up all in one. We think the big kids (of all ages) might benefit from this as well, eh?

Alternative adult version: Buy/make a green juice. Don’t drink it. Wait til it separates and settles. Shake. Wait. Watch. Repeat.

More meditation jar instructions at jugglingwithkids.com.

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