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Rumor of Yoga Pants Ban Has High School Students Unite in Stretchy Pants Protest

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While yoga becomes increasingly welcome into the realm of academia, yoga pants are still the target of many a school administrator across the country looking to ban the stretchy leg-snugglers as “inappropriate” student attire.

When students of North Haven High School in Connecticut heard a rumor about a yoga pants ban, they banned together in protest. Both males and females donned their yoga pants and leggings and walked the halls in an expression of defiance and unity. Ommm no! Yoga pants won’t go!

However, the North Haven principal denies a ban, which was supposedly set to take effect this week, according to students. Maybe it’s not an official rule, but perhaps a secret unspoken ban that faculty would quietly enforce? In any case, the students are not having it.

“If we’ve worn them this long and there hasn’t been any issues, than I think we should be able to continue to wear them,” Christina Sanzari, a student, said.

Plus parents are all like, but we’ve spent tons of money on that yoga crap! Er, something to that effect.

“They were spending a lot of their own money on their back-to-school clothes and they bought  yoga pants, and if they can’t wear them, their wardrobe is limited,” Kelly Ross, a parent, said.

Because yoga pants are the only thing kids are wearing these days, and doggone it, if we can’t relate.

As for the fate of the North Haven yoga pants lovers and tyrants, an “appropriate attire”  meeting was supposed to have gone down Wednesday night, though many students have already signed a petition against any sort of stretchy pants ban the meanies might draw up. The petition states, “I wear leggings/yoga pants as a way to dress comfortable NOT to turn people on!! Half of girls wardrobes only consists of these.”

However, this is certainly not the first instance of yoga pants banning in US middle and high schools and it probably won’t be the last as more and more kids realize that jeans just really aren’t that comfortable. Also, yoga is pretty cool, and hey maybe some of the kids actually practice it.

Frankly, we get how yoga pants can be somewhat revealing, especially those see-through ones, but if the shape and silhouette of someone’s butt and legs are too much to handle, then kids have more problems than we thought. We mean, no one’s calling for a Miley ban. But we think we’ve come up with the perfect solution: just offer yoga in school and then everyone’s happy!

[NBC Connecticut]



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  • Himix

    WOW!!! I think it’s outstanding than the new fashion buzzword has Yoga in it!!!
    Plus I love tights, I’ve been wearing them since Quiet Riot and Dave Lee.
    Seriously, I’m jealous kids… no guy over 50 can wear Yoga Pants… at least not in Mexico…
    It’s funny how fashion works… first they were freaked with jeans, then with sweat pants, but now this whole yoga pants thing is just going to be tougher… I mean Baryshnikov’s bulge is ok… but how long until we can all walk around like Kirk and Spock?

  • Abby McCoy

    Ive seen the latest fashion trend skyrocket in the past year, and giddily told everyone I knew that I’d just found a YOGA SECTION IN AMERICAN EAGLE, COMPLETE WITH MATS!!!

    Im loving this. As a young adult it’s wonderful to see more people getting in to yoga and as an instructor hoping to gear my classes to a younger group than normal (at least around here, its mostly women in their late 20s and thirties, im hoping to reach the late teens early 20s group), its exciting!!!

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