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This Song: The Kirtan-Pop Crossover MTV Calls ‘Yoga to Your Ears’

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stevie-weinstein-foner-yogaHe believes in love, he believes in magic, and taking rides on dragons. This is what happens when kirtan meets Devendra Banhart. This song, “Let It Be Told,” by devoted Brooklyn yipster (hipster+yoga) Stevie Weinstein-Foner (SWF) “is like yoga for your ears” according to MTV Hive where it was recently featured.

A self-described mystic/musician, SWF can be found on the Brooklyn yoga scene, joining in on kirtan sessions or traveling the country playing festivals. But it was only after traveling the world without (from the Grand Canyon to Central America) to the world within (via yoga and meditation) that he wrote his debut album, out this October 8 on Brooklyn indie label Mecca Lecca Recording Co.

SWF told MTV Hive:

“All of the songs were written either before leaving for a long journey, or after returning from one. I see the act of living as traveling, journeying — we are all walking a path, or as Ram Dass says, ‘We’re all just walking each other home.’  So songs are reflections, stories, sermons that illuminate our paths.”

On a journey he is, Ram Dass quoter. He’s like a perkier Julian Lennon, a more subdued and monotoned Rufus Wainwright. And his “Let It Be Told” has enough meditative repetitiousness to bring chanting to a whole new indie music level.

He says of the song:

 “I often wake up and go straight into my story, my trip about how it is and how I am and how she is and how they are, but none of that is really true, it’s the story that I tell myself that keeps me being who I think I am,”  Weinstein-Foner said. ”So I want to live for something better, something higher, I want to live in a higher vibration. I want to live for magic. I want to live for and in love, connected to this deep oneness, to soul. I’ve definitely got my hang-ups, but this is what I’m working towards.”

Preach it, yogi-san. Those may be lofty neo-hippie goals, but listen to this song in its entirety and you tell us if this repetitive jam doesn’t get lodged in the caverns and crevices of your humming machine. Higher vibrations? Maybe. An earworm the size of 50 yogis laid head to toe with harmoniums? For sure.

Russell Brand doppelgänger acoustic version:

We’re waiting for the extended kirtan remix.

Also, here’s this hippie beach version of a song he wrote called “Warrior.”

image via swf’s facebook page



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  • Semper Fi

    Since when does MTV play music?

  • kaz

    sooooo gooood.

  • Vision_Quest2

    recognize “Warrior” chanty from yoga class … but this teacher is a real music maven (vocalist, thespian, younameit) – picks music to within an inch of her life …

  • Lankyogi

    I would love if the 2 youtube songs were available in a non-stealing sorta way! I would totally put them on a class playlist! <3

    • Vision_Quest2

      I would think here in the U.S., the commercial yoga classes pay the ASCAP fee or have some sort of understanding with the artist …

    • Semper Fi

      Why don’t you learn to teach yoga, so you don’t rely on music for your classes?

      • Lankyogi

        WOW- actually??

      • SWF

        Haters gonna hate…

        Album is coming out on 10/08, will be on Spotify, iTunes etc. Feel free to pull anything off of youtube to play in classes. I’ll do an acoustic EP kirtan remix as well.

        With Love,

        • Lankyogi

          Can’t wait- thanks!

          Much Love,


          p.s. love the acoustic vid!

  • It pleasure,to need development in candidasa-bali asoka restaurant-bungalows

  • Love it – wonderful heart-felt music.

  • Wonderful songs…feeling calmer just sitting here listening to it! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  • The music is beautiful and heartfelt with such a unique feel. Thanks for sharing.

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