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Yoga For Eating Disorders Founder Won’t Get Off the Roof Until She Reaches Her Fundraising Goal

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Chelsea Roff is clearly a woman with a mission. With just 3 days left to reach her fundraising goal of $50,000, Chelsea has been moved to drastic measures to fund her Yoga for Eating Disorders program – this morning she climbed to the roof of the Tao Healing Arts Center in Santa Monica above the “you are beautiful” mural and declared she would stay there until all the money has been raised. (Well, or at least until the campaign ends).

So far, the donations are currently under half the total goal at just over $20,000, which, really, is nothing to sneeze at. But Chelsea, determined to fight to the finish, launched her “Occupy You Are Beautiful” campaign to drum up even more support to bring her Yoga for Eating Disorders program on the road to facilities across the country as well as fund an evidence-based study.

Chelsea stated she is “taking a stand for joy, for life, for freedom, and for the belief that all people have the right to feel beautiful in the bodies they inhabit.”

So she set up camp on the rooftop, enlisting the help of local yoga teachers, kirtan-ers and friends to teach classes do interviews, play live music and show their support. It’s a pretty impressive set up already, proving how well connected and resourceful Chelsea is as well as how supportive the local yoga community can be.

To check out the indiegogo campaign page and make a donation go here. Tune in to Chelsea on the rooftop live here.



Raising Money for Yoga For Eating Disorders

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  • Thank you for spreading the word YD! We are actually a little closer to 30K — a private foundation made a private donation last week, but because of the politics around non-profit giving the check cannot be donated to IndieGoGo (it’s going to us directly). So we only have 20K left to raise! And I’m staying up here ’til we raise it :))

    Thank you again for all your support. We’re gonna do it!

  • Sarah

    I’m intrigued as to where exactly the money goes. I may support your campaign if I knew more specifics.

  • Tracy

    Great message. Please do tell me who is singing the song in the background?

  • Vision_Quest2

    Somehow, I ended up here. I was hoping it WAS about #occupy … you know–the one about the 99% of us …

  • Wolfdancer

    I also at one time got down to 69 lbs. But now realize it really only hurt me. Awareness is the only way and more body images of healthy young people need to be shown. I can’t donate til payday. I wish all the best. oh how do I donate?? By the way I am a real weight now 120 lbs and have a better idea of what is healthy and Meditation is awesome too WD

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