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Watch All 5 Episodes of Quirky Web Series ‘Yoga Partners’

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The plot of this “Partner Yoga” web series is rather odd and off the wall, but then again, so are a fair portion of the yoga teachers and classes out there! From a team of creatives and yogis in Brooklyn, “Yoga Partners” is a kooky, funny and, at times, absurd peak into the world of “2 people sharing 1 mat” and one blundering yoga teacher.

Finishing up the series is the fifth episode, “Savasana,” where the yoga teacher’s bizarities and awkward moments are in full effect. Catch all five episodes below, plus outtakes and a funny bathroom-themed deleted scene!

Episode 5: “Savasana”

Episode 1: “Mountain”

Episode 2: “Dog”

Episode 3: “Warrior”

Episode 4: “Handstand”

Quipie’s Quips – The Outtakes

“The Bathroom” Deleted Scene




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  • Rainbow Patchouli Bracelet

    #3 “That’s gross” had me lol.

  • Matt

    Why are all these “funny” yoga web series so unfunny?

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