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We Can’t Wait to Find Out From George Foreman III What Boxing Yoga Is

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You made me a…shadooooowboxer yogi. When it comes to what seems to be a never ending stream of yogamalgamations, boxing doesn’t really rank high on the list as most malleably harmonizing. But, hey, with yoga’s growing ubiquity at fitness centers and gyms across the country and George Foreman III’s apparent affinity for the practice (or its trendiness) and for boxing, the two shall finally meet in the ring!

Well, maybe not the ring. But they will meet! At GF III’s new fancy luxury boxing gym in the trendy Boston neighborhood of Fort Point. It’s called The Club, and the son of boxing legend George Foreman wants it to offer more amenities and training methods than the typical boxing clubs that only offer, um, boxing?

The Club will feature classes like fight conditioning, “BOX-FIIT” (Fight Intensity Interval Training) and…boxing yoga! What is boxing yoga? We have no idea, but we bet that Tae Bo guy is pissed. (Artist’s rendering above…where’s the yoga room?)

Foreman says it’s all about making boxing accessible to everyone.

“Anyone can do it, and everyone will enjoy it. Our core ethos is: Everybody Fights! So, my facility will be equipped with amenities and workouts that everyone can enjoy,” Foreman says. “Regardless of gender or age, I believe that the boxing workout is for everyone.”

And yoga is for everyone. We get it. Yoga can be beneficial to any sport or activity, and any way for boxer types to try yoga is good, right? Why should wrestlers have all the fun? Plus, yoga in boxing gloves does sound intriguing. (Not so much). But hey, if papa Foreman can become the king of indoor grilling, who’s to say Foreman Jr. (the third) can’t make a name for himself on the boxing yoga circuit? Bob and weave and warrior III!

Be sure to have them sign the waiver.

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