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TWIY: NFL Yoga, The Yoga of Darkness, FenwaYoga aka BaseballHeartsYoga

in This Week in Yoga

Russell WilsonCredit: Photograph by Peter Yang

Oh, hi! We’re sorry, are we interrupting your NFL Sunday? Good! You needed a break to peel your eyes off of the Seattle Seahawks not doing yoga on the field. What? Yep. In any case, hello! Happy September and almost fall and new beginnings and transitions and oh my. We have lots of news for you, and why wait? It’s been a little while, let’s catch up…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Rage, Fear, Sadness, Fatigue. The Yoga of Darkness.
“Here is the thing.  Yoga is not about bliss, but about honesty.”

juvenile-detention-yogaKids Yoga…In Juvenile Detention
Consciousness before incarceration.


Yoga Selfies: What’s Your Intention?
“I braced myself to play defense for a team I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be on.”


Yoga Studio Shamed After ‘Ghetto Fabulous’ Class Ignites Outrage
Get your grillz and gang signs ready.


True to Form, Grand Theft Auto V Raunchily Spoofs Yoga Culture, Gamers
Yep. Sounds about right.

Russell WilsonCredit: Photograph by Peter Yang

Seattle Seahawks Changing Future of Football with Yoga and Meditation
Are you ready for some Yo-gaaaaa? At least the Seahawks are.


Red Sox Foundation Launches FenwaYoga at Fenway Park
We can’t let football fans have all the fun.

physiyoga-kim-cattrallKim Cattrall: ‘Fizzy Yoga’ Saved My Life
Fizzy who? Apparently it’s better than sex and the city.


The Goat and the Yoga Ball, An Adorable Love Story (VIDEO)


Colin Farrell: I Do Yoga Every Day, As Much As I Can


What’s in a Name: Does Calling Yourself a Yoga Teacher Make You a Yoga Teacher?

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