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Yoga Festival Porta Potty Peeper Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

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Holy crap. Though most of us have moved past this and flushed it out of our minds at this point, we reported on it when it happened, so we thought we’d do the courtesy update. Justice has finally been served for the victims of the porta potty creeper who terrorized yogis during the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado back in 2011. We were there, but thankfully were not victimized by this man’s sicko plot to peep women by hiding in the tank underneath the portable toilets. Yeah, gross.

Police tracked down and arrested the excrement covered Luke Chrisco aka ‘Skye Oryan’ after one woman noticed something funny happening in the tank below her business and alerted nearby fest goers.

In July, Chrisco pleaded guilty to attempted unlawful sexual contact and two burglary counts and this past Friday was sentenced by a Boulder judge to three years in jail and 10 years of probation. Chrisco was also suspected of hiding in other Boulder area bathrooms to spy on women.

Not for nothing, but we’ve seen those porta potties and they’re not a simple squeeze for a grown man, and there have been more recent reports on this kind of disgusting stuff. Side note: THIS…#1127 on the list of things NOT to with your yoga. Note to all: If you see a person in yoga class working on their crouching tiger hidden toilet tank-asana, report it to the proper authorities immediately!




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