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Nicole Scherzinger’s Beach Yoga is a Meditation in Metaphysics

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It’s not really news the yoga selfie craze has extended itself beyond mere common folk into the bubble of celebriyogidom. Former Pussy Cat Doll turned ‘X Factor’ judge Nicole Scherzinger posted this collage of beach yoga pics two days ago from her vacation in Hawaii.

First thought: Eagle pose. Interesting choice.

Second thought: It’s a fascinating (and strangely empowering) thing, this instagram machine, which affords celebrities the chance to be their very own paparazzi. Scherzinger has been snapped doing yoga on the beach before, but by snooping photogs. Perhaps this is her response in the setting, angle and wardrobe of her choosing?



Whether it’s narcissism, extrovertedness, pride, confidence, or a lack thereof, or whatever makes you want to post pics of yourself for the public to praise or ridicule as they wish, we give you props with a caveat: no photo will ever truly capture your yoga, because yoga is a constantly flowing, living, breathing, evolving thing and it’s always in the present. That pic of the pose is only one moment in time, and of who you (and your yoga) were before. Not now. Or now…or…*

*(you can thank minute physics for this brief departure into the abyss of meta-meta-ness.)



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  • Jill

    Totally agree. I am guilty of a yoga selfie here and there, then ultimately stopped because…well…it just seemed so narcissistic and un-yogic (though of course, I don’t want to judge others’ choices–this is just how I feel about posting my own selfies). Ultimately, I feel that my yoga is largely internal and that the actual physical asanas are just a manifestation of that. To post them online for everyone to see turns something that I hold dear and private into a bit of a spectacle…

  • A photograph of a leaping, vibrant dancer will never actually capture DANCE. But I love when a skilled photographer can show me a still shot of movement which transports me to a feeling of vitality, breath, and grace. I’ve experienced this in seeing beautiful yoga shots and having it make me want to get to my mat ASAP because I’m craving that feeling and experience. Sure, most selfies on instagram aren’t necessarily capturing the potential of that beauty in the most artistic and effective way. And I am extremely against teachers who instruct you to look at either yourself in the mirror or a neighbor on how to come into a pose instead of FEELING your body through it, but I just don’t think this theory on not taking pictures of yoga because it can never truly capture it holds water. Why ever take a picture of a dove taking flight or your grandmother laughing? Nothing in this world is permanent or frozen forever. Its all constantly changing.

  • fin

    Would you walk up to her on the beach and tell her she should put some yoga pants on so that she would better represent the part of a true yogi/yogini?
    You could practice yoga naked for all I care, in the end someone is practicing yoga, spreading their love of yoga and what it means to them. If they are in their stage of their practice where they are excited about their asana and how they “preform” it, let them enjoy that. If they continue in their practice they will reach the plateau of observing that an asana is only an underlying current of what yoga truly is.
    If you deny someone that, or use harsh judgement, you could be encouraging them to stop their yoga practice. Chose words carefully as well as judgement, not everyone’s yoga practice is enlightened.

  • Sam

    You guys really hate on instagram! I’m curious if you actually use it yourself? I mostly use it to snap pretty pictures and pretend like I’m a photographer, but every now and then it is so much fun to share with the community where I was with my yoga practice and where I am now. Plus some people give great tips for new poses and it’s less about showing off and more about empowering. Anything can be un-yogic — even blog posts that hate on people for doing something they enjoy. Live and let live! Namaste!

    • Rizzy

      Yes yes yes, Sam!! Wonderfully stated!

  • Rizzy

    I’m hearing a lot of judgment in this article, for this woman, and for others who take ‘yoga selfies’. “Whether it’s narcissism, extrovertedness, pride, confidence, or a lack thereof, or whatever makes you want to post pics of yourself for the public…” Geez, Judgy McJudgerton. How about wanting to encourage others to try this beautiful thing that you love? How about sharing a photo of a beautiful person in a beautiful place, settled in a beautiful posture? I don’t get the negativity that surrounds the yoga selfie- it’s not for us to judge what the motivation is behind that photo, so how about we assume the best and decide to be inspired rather than dismayed, when we see one.

  • julie

    I do a lot of home practice, so I’m known to get someone to take the odd selfie of me so that I can see for myself where I am out of alignment, where I need to improve. I trust my body but sometimes it is good to have that perspective (and alignment which is why we love yoga teachers!!!) Who cares really? So she’s beautiful, so she’s a celeb…who cares? She is not changing my perspective on yoga, in fact it might get a few pussy fans to try it out, and that could be seen as seva surely??


    • James

      If someone is taking a picture for you, is it really a “selfie”? And this is not an analysis of her form or a teaching aid; this is a cry for attention.

      • philokalia

        “If someone is taking a picture for you, is it really a “selfie”? “- hahahaha.

  • VQ2

    Pictures like these make me viscerally ill …

  • wondering

    Seva…uh huh…I once had a yoga teacher who thought seva was cleaning out her closet n donating her stuff to goodwill, in order to make space for her new purchases. Seva seems to be a bit misunderstood.

  • Himix

    I love selfies!!! they are great for yogidissing!!! other people selfies stir up the darnest comments in our heads (and blogs).
    But in any case, I love anything Yoga: Yoga hype, Yoga gossip and most of all, Yoga becoming mainstream.
    I’m not worried about Yoga being undermined, as it is holistic by nature and every time someone tries to modify one of its parts it just stops working.

  • The fact is most of us like to express ourselves. We live in an attention economy. If peole have instagram they tend to photograph and express themselves. This also helps one to have a hobby which is Photography 🙂

    • James

      People take pictures of themselves and put them online mostly for the attention. It’s less about expression and more about attention.

      Now, to be honest, some people are taking pictures of a pose in order to teach. This is extremely helpful if done well. Those cases are few and far between.

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting to show off. I just think it’s silly that most people lie about just wanting the attention.

  • LA

    I often find myself quite conflicted on this subject. On the one hand- I never take yoga selfies. It’s a strange concept to me and feels weird, vain, show-offy to do. I’ve considered it, but then considered the whole ordeal and how planned out you have to be- setting up the phone, making sure it’s at a good distance, making sure your body is angled just right, making sure your clothes don’t look too weird, making sure the lighting is good, etc. It just seems like a lot of work when really, I just love doing yoga. The FEELING of it. And it seems sacrelig to treat it in this way, from a feeling/doing perspective. HOWEVER when I see my many yoga friends posting yoga selfies on FB and other places, I enjoy looking at the photos. Not in a mean, judgemental way either; it can honestly just look plain beautiful and interesting to see people’s bodies in still shots like this. And if someone has an impressive practice, it can also be inspiring. So it’s a weird one for me. I am confused. I would feel totally vain doing it, but then again- I think it can be fun to look at. Hmmmmm…….

  • I love doing yoga outdoors and especially at the beach. I also like seeing friends and teacher’s yoga photos whether they took them, themselves or not. Many times I find the photos inspiring considering there is usually a measure of creativity found in the background choices and with the yogi/yogini’s personal style.

    I also enjoy photographing and video recording myself from time to time as well which I often find helpful in tracking the asana portion of my yoga practice.

    Overall to each their own, I say.

  • Ron

    From her comes that spirit full of grace
    that shows you heaven by the true way’:
    so that in hope I fly, already, to the heights…

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