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Happy Birthday, Madonna: THE Diva of YogaPop

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Before Britney, before Gaga, there is Madonna, THE diva of YogaPop. Love her or not, her Madgesty has been an avid practitioner of Ashtanga for decades and she’s not too shy to show it, whether it’s in a studio, on airplanes or on the stage at her shows. Come to think of it, she’s not too shy for much of anything, who are we kidding?

On her birthday, we thought we’d celebrate the original queen of YogaPop by sharing some photographic and video evidence of Madonna’s love for the practice.

Happy Birthday, Madge!

Pop a peacock pose on stage in front of thousands? Don’t mind if I do!

Madonna performs yoga manoeuvres on stage.

Yoga in fishnets and heels. Yep, total YogaPop Diva move.


madonna yoga

And still, there are quiet, stripped down, pensive, meditative moments.


Annnnd then…


It’s back to glittery backbends in boots!


Look Ma, upavistha konasana b with no hands!


Here’s Madonna singing the closing prayer at her Nov. 12, 2012 Madison Square Garden show. Renowned Ashtanga teacher Eddie Stern captured the video and said, “to hear thousands of people singing ‘lokah samasthah sukinoh bhanvantu’ – especially just days into the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy – was somehow immensely moving.”

Vintage 1998 Madonna showing Rosie O’Donnell how to do ujjayi breathing and Sun Salutations on The Rosie Show. “That sounds like Satan making cappuccino!” Starts around 4:27 mark.

And on Oprah also in 1998 on facing her demons and why she stopped working out and started yoga. Surprise, she was introduced to yoga when she was pregnant with her daughter Lourdes. (yoga part starts around 3 min mark)



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  • arlet

    why does she kick so much a@#!!!! http://extendyoga.com

    • Stewart J. Lawrence

      Madonna doesn’t kick ass anymore. She just shows it off? In one concert after another. To anyone who wants to see it Zero class. It’s sad….she’s a remnant of her former self….So much for the yoga…Must be the Kaballah

  • I have always been a Madonna fan since she first showed up in the 80’s and have followed her crazes and phases ever since. I loved the Oprah interview when she said she felt ridiculous going to the Gym, I totally get that – after being a gym bunny in my late teens / early twenties I just couldn’t do the Gym after I had my children. I’m now in my 40’s and I have 4 daughters, and a fantastic Ashtanga practice!!! I would be lost without it!!! Just wished I had discovered it through those gym days 🙂

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