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Baby Yoga is Adorable and Relaxing, Even When It’s Not

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Baby yoga. We’re pretty sure we’re all clear that it’s not the infant-twirling, joint-yanking monkey business that was made famous by this video (watch at your own peril). No, real baby yoga is WAY more adorable, as evidenced by this very official ABC News report.

Baby yoga provides community, while getting in a little stretch and relaxation time for both baby and momma (or daddy). Besides, where else can you bring your munchkin, let them roll around, drool and fuss on the floor while you roll around drool and…aw you get the picture. And you don’t even have to be naked or a great headstander to do it.

Mommies and daddies, do you baby yoga?



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  • I’ve been teaching baby yoga (or Mommy & Me as we call it) since my daughter was 6 weeks old. She’s now 4 and a great co-teacher. Mommy & Me is a great way to get out and socialize with other new moms in an easy, comfortable environment. I love it!

  • Zooey Steele

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  • Ash

    Bwahahaaaaaa! Lets be honest, it’s about crawling around breastfeeding on a yoga mat. 😉
    My attempts to do yoga with my one year old involve me being crawled on. I think it’s great other mom’s enjoy it, but when I do yoga I’m in it for some serious strengthening (of the body AND the spirit – it’s true). I can’t justify driving to a gym for mommy yoga when I could let my son crawl all over me at home. For free. 😉

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