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Here’s a Photo of Naomi Campbell Yoga Posing on a Boat

in Public Display of Yoga


So, supermodels can take yoga selfies too, right? Naomi Campbell posted this photo the other day on twitter with the simple hashtag #yogaposing, and the internet’s all like “whoa, miss thang has mad yoga skills!”

Frankly, it’s not so much her backbending skills we’re pleased to see, though that isn’t a bad urdhva dhanurasana on a boat, nor that you could eat a bowl of cereal out of the dent in her butt. No, it’s the fact that Ms. Campbell taken on a discipline steeped in encouraging consciousness, setting intentions and taking a freaking breath before letting your temper fly off the handle! Phew.

It’s no Giselle doing sweet mommy yoga, but we’ll accept this, Naomi, as your contribution to the annals of yoga history that scientists will study 200 years from now and think, ‘now that was living.’



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  • “and the internet’s all like “whoa, miss thang has mad yoga skills!””

    really? I’ve seen kids do the exact same thing…..hmmmmmmm

  • Gisselle

    Hmmmmmm…….. Maybe now she’ll stop busting people upside the head with phones

  • Vision_Quest2

    Really! Doesn’t anyone think practicing all that urhdva dhanurasana would just exacerbate her mania tendencies?

    Nobody ever talks about the internal effects, health effects and contraindications of any of this … what a pity …

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