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YD Giveaway: The Matt Bolster Yoga Mysteries ‘Downward-Facing Death’ and ‘Open Your Heart’ by Neal Pollack

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dfd-oyhAttention yoga murder mystery lovers! Did you read the exclusive excerpt from Open Your Heart (A Matt Bolster Yoga Mystery) by praised author, satirist and avid yogi Neal Pollack? It’s exclusive! As in no one else has ever read these words! Well, except for all the people who downloaded the first episodes of the Amazon Kindle Serial. Are you one of them? If not, we have good news for you.

We’re super pleased that Mr. Pollack is kind enough to offer a copy of his first book in the yoga detective murder mystery genre, Downward-Facing Death to give away to YD readers. In addition, we’re also giving away the first episode from his new Kindle Serial, Open Your Heart (A Matt Bolster Yoga Mystery). Be sure to read the excerpt (warning: it is not for the squeamish or the just-ate-a-large-meal-and-want-to-hurl-at-the-words “variety pack of viscera, a horrible rubber burrito of guts and bile that made a huge stinky mess”) and then enter in the giveaway!

WIN: A copy of Downward-Facing Death (paperback) and a download code for the first episode of Open Your Heart both by Neal Pollack. (ps. You do not need a Kindle to enjoy.)

TO ENTER: We know a lot of you out there are writers or aspiring writers. Perhaps you’re even aspiring yoga detectives! To enter in this giveaway, tell us what your yoga detective code name would be, or your pen name as a journalist on the yoga murder mystery beat. Have fun!

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Sunday, August 4th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Sarah May! Thanks to all for entering and having fun!



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  • Stretch McDuff.

  • Holden Plank (tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!)

  • Now THAT is a dorky yoga joke.

  • Morgan Montague

    Ida Nadi who works at home with her attendant Siamese cat Neti-Neti and Scottish Fold Samhita.

  • Morgan Montague

    Matt Bolster’s competitor should be Sherlock Oms.

  • Kelly du Soleil

    Kelly Yuga.

  • NCDan

    Beau Bridges

  • Moi

    Ivana Savasana.

  • Mia

    Sara Swati

  • VQ2

    Ma Jaijaia-Mah … that little old yoga sleuth in tennies …

  • YD

    love these so much already!

  • Shakie Balance 🙂

  • Jen


  • Donna Raskin

    Third Eye

  • Sarah May

    Ainita Savasana

    • YD

      Congrats, Sarah, you won! Keep an eye out for an email 🙂

      • Sarah May

        Yay! Thanks so much! 😀

  • Karin

    Vin Yassa

  • Marta

    Cassandra So Hum

  • Gaugs

    corpse prose

  • ~Agent Shanti Rainstorm~

  • Karin

    Ivana Pranayama

  • therese

    Dan Tandasana. I know it borrows but couldn’t resist.

  • Catherine Pohutakawa

    My detective name would be Rahasya Corpse-Pose

  • Michele Ficano

    Pranayama Mama or Pratyahara Mata Hari

  • Laura Blumer

    Sphinx Bridges

  • Adi

    Dancer (Dancy) Drew

  • Katelyn Busse

    If I were a detective, I would most definitely call myself Sirsa Sana, and I would always solve the crime inverted!

  • Stacey

    Drishti Tracy…”have you you no sense of pride in what you do?”

  • Christine

    Camatkarasana Balasana (aka. Wild Child). Innocent but dangerous.

  • Erika

    Bodhi Hanumansana

  • Chances are, I’d have to tote my rugrats around while trying to crack the case OR write about the case…so my detective name or pen name as a journalist would be MamasDay.

  • Maureen

    Handstand Hattie

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana: my nose is near the mat, on the scent of the case.

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