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The McDonald’s Yoga Ad We Never Wanted to See

in Yoga Pop


You can have Justin Timberlake, but you can’t have yoga! Well, here it is folks. From the big French ad agency, TBWA\PARIS, France, the McDonald’s commercial we’d hoped we’d never have to see.

Now there have been a few kooky yoga ads in our days and some are good for a giggle or two (Ocean Spray’s “downward facing bog” = total chucklesville),  but this one just kicks us right in our nuggets.

We can’t tell if this is a sort of a good thing(?) or a terribly wrong and completely heinous thing. (We’re leaning towards the latter). On one hand, McDonald’s is backhandedly encouraging healthier habits, which is good, right? On the other hand, they’re using yoga to sell their French McNuggets, which is. just. no. Though maybe there’s some sort of flavorful connection? At least we can laugh at the temptation of food while practicing yoga. We’ve all been there!

So far, we haven’t seen this one air in the US. Yet. le sigh.

Would you like some fries with that shakti?




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  • Chris

    McD’s, the World’s greatest Violator of the sacred Yogic Principle of Ahimsa ( Ahimsa = Non-Violence = Say No to Meat ) is using Yoga for shameless self-promotion !!!!!

    There is Yoga, and then, there is Yoga, Inc., and ne’er the twain shall meet !

    • Lunamoth

      Can we really call it “meat” once it reaches McNugget stage? ;-P

      I’m just making light of course, because, yes, I agree!

  • It’s disappointing to see such blatant health-washing from McDs. This seems to be the way of the major corporations at the moment. Just like coca-cola ‘educating’ us on how to live a healthy life.

  • Also, that chicken nugget looks disgusting. :p

  • JamieG


  • This is wrong on so many levels! So disgusted.

  • Jai Krishna Das

    Any thing to make a buck off unhealthy, unyogic marketing to the masses……..wow

  • i’ve never said mmm to mcd’s chicken nuggets. ever. this ad doesn’t even play on a human truth.

  • miranda

    methinks McD’s is trying to make fun of yogis. but the shot of the nugget at the end is so unappealing, the joke is on themselves.

  • I think this is a critique of the superficiality of Yoga, Inc. culture while at the same time it rather succinctly addresses how difficult it can be to maintain one’s sadhana when surrounded by constant base, exploitive material culture designed to seduce and hoodwink. Same thing as putting a Coca-Cola stand right at the base of a sacred site. Get the local coconut water (cut fresh by a lady with a machete), instead! Have a laugh, redirect, and keep AUMing, my friends!

    • James

      How very ironic of you fault modern marketing and then slip an ad for any local coconut water vendor at the very end. Me thinks if it were up to you the ads would still be there but they would simply be ads for products you like.

  • Daysi

    Can’t say it surprises me but still when I first read the title, I honestly kinda regurgitated I little..yuck!! So wrong on so many levels..

  • That is just wrong, so very very wrong! Someone make it go away!

  • What was McDonald’s thinking?!

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  • wrong! and more wrong…this yoga body despises McD…and certainly ‘nuggets’ of so called chicken meat

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  • garbage

  • katy

    I thought it was funny. But then I also thought the mcnugget was a pastry .

  • karpj001

    To be honest, the commercial doesn’t make sense. If they’re trying to be funny, missed the mark.

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