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Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles Gets 80s Pop Star Richard Marx to Show Us His Yoga

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Country music singer Jennifer Nettles (one-half of the uber popular Sugarland duo) does her down doggie namaste with a southern drawl. And it seemin’ like it’s downright contagious. While getting the 80s pop music heartthrob with incredible hair, Richard Marx, to listen to her yet-to-be-released new solo album, she coaxed him into demonstrating the yoga pose of the week (spoiler alert: it’s tree!) and then tweeted the pic with the caption:

“Saw @richardmarx. Made him listen to some of my new record. AND made him offer you a #yoga pose of the week. You’re welcome.”

Thank you!


To which, Marx replied:

“You forgot the words ‘Muthafrickin’ awesome” before ‘record.’ Oh, and…ow, that hurts.”

We know nothing about country music, but we know yoga, and apparently so does Lady Nettles. In this Nike-produced interview from a few years ago, JenNet explained how important yoga has become for her emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. She started yoga at a “pivotal” point in her life when she was going through a big transition and it just grew from there. Sound familiar? She also takes yoga teachers out on the road when she goes on tour.

When asked about yoga being a part of her physical conditioning:

“Yoga for me is more of a conditioning in the sense of emotionally and spiritually. It does help physically. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that you’re like ‘whoa’ you have to be very strong as well as flexible to be able to do,” Jennifer said.

“Yoga definitely helps me physically and holistically,” she said.

We may not rush out to buy your new record, Jennifer, but we dig your southern yoga style! And Richard Marx, we’ll be now and forever, right here waiting for you. We remember every moment of those endless summer yoga nights.


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  • Sugarland has some great non-country covers (my personal favorite is Pearl Jam’s “Better Man”) – you may just change your mind about checking out that new album!

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