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Depeche Mode Rock Yoga Imagery On Latest World Tour

in Public Display of Yoga

depeche mode yoga

These British rock legends just can’t get enough! heh.

Depeche Mode are back out on tour this summer and have a special yoga(ish) surprise during their performance of “Enjoy the Silence.” Perhaps this is not exactly the yoga imagery you had in mind, but then again, these guys aren’t exactly known for their love of Maharishi and the harmonium. (Were pretty sure that’s more Thom Yorke’s department.)

Thanks to a tipster at Earth Energy Reader for this rather freaky find of what looks to be half-naked yogis enjoying their own personal kapotasana in a glass cage to re-create the triangular shapes of the band’s album art for 2013’s Delta Machine.


The album has been described as the “most powerful, gothic, twisted, electronic album since Violator” so clearly you can see the yoga reference, yes? Hey, everyone’s been putting DM on yoga playlists long enough, perhaps they felt compelled to return the favor. Ah, but people are people and we can see that words are very unnecessary.

Here’s a better production close-up of the pain that they’re used to, and the end of our cheesy references.


And like magic you can watch an entire live show online. “Enjoy the Silence” smushed yoga bit around the 39 minute mark.

center image via tumblr.



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  • PnV

    That’s not yoga. That’s contortion.

  • I’ve always said that Depeche Mode’s music and yoga go together like peanut butter and chocolate and it looks like the band finally sees it too!
    Thanks YogaDork!

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