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UPDATE: Ruling On Consequential Yoga Trial On Hold Until Monday

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Just kidding, the ruling on the yoga trial in Encinitas will not come this week as everyone thought. We’ll have to wait until Monday, U-T San Diego reports.

Closing arguments ended Wednesday already drawing the trial out a day later than expected. Now, due to scheduling conflicts and the prerogative of Judge John Meyer to meditate on the decision a little longer, ahem, the ruling is pushed back until Monday at 9am.

The case, which is fundamentally an investigation into whether or not yoga is secular enough for school children led by religious conservatives who think yoga is indoctrinating their youth, is said to be the first of its kind, though we doubt it will be the last. And there is the very likely possibility that this will cause a profound ripple effect.

“If the court rules that yoga is a religious belief or practice, that will tend to stop all yoga being practiced or supported by all governments,” said Jack Sleeth, the San Diego-based attorney representing the elementary school district.

We’ll have to wait and see. But we imagine the yogis will not take this lying down, double ahem.

We do know, however, that whatever the ruling on this case, the debate is far from over as either losing side is expected to appeal.

Stay tuned, y’all. Breathe.



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  • Julie Leatherbarrow

    I will be breathing and praying for the best decision for the children to be made. I teach in some local schools and am so grateful how open they are to the practice of yoga!

  • I just read about this! I can’t believe it! Thanks for the update!

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