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Yoga Rumble! Funny Video (Subtitle: How Deep Is Your Dog?)

in YogaHaha


We’re always in the mood for yoga funnies, especially Mondays! This yoga rumble meets Westside Story meets Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” is good for a few hearty guffaws and a handful of eye rolls. Get in your laughter yoga practice with the Bikrams vs the Kundalinis and the power of the Down Dog.

How deep is your dog? Is your dog, how deep is your dog? We really neeeeed to knowwww…





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  • Not even slightly funny, sorry…

  • no.

  • Freedom

    Stupidest thing I have ever seen. Makes me sad in so many ways.

  • Becky Hieter

    I enjoyed it

  • Earthmother Anamaya

    Cute concept, how many similar rivalries have you seen that are as ridiculous but could be joked could to make a point? Human nature or Ego always judging and comparing. Isn’t that why we do yoga so we can move past identifying with this or that? I consider it food for thought and am glad they made this video.

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