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Photo: Yoga Snafu – Capture the Moment, Or Be in the Moment?

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This has got to be one of our favorite photos from the Summer Solstice Yoga event in Times Square, which gathered over 15,000 yogis together in the tourist mecca of musicals, Bubba Gump and commercialism. In the sea of great intentions and meditation during the afternoon session, one young lady couldn’t resist letting go of her connection…to her phone. Really?!

This photo on its own would stir the gallery of zafu critics: What is she doing? Are you kidding? In the middle of all this effort to find peace and tranquility she can’t take a break from her beloved smartphone??

But alas, ladyfriend was just taking the opportunity to snap a photo to savor the moment, and who can blame her?

Snapshop break

Still, the photo is a flagrant (and healthy!) reminder of our modern world, our desire to connect within and our reluctance to detach from the world outside.

It’s one of those things…capture the moment? Or be in the moment?

(both photos we snapped from the livestream)



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  • Aawww… no judgement. Maybe she was so in the moment that she had to ‘capture’ the moment to share with others later? Who knows? The ‘being’ in the moment is the hardest part of yoga… The internal practice is the the most difficult to accomplish.

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