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Scenes from 15,000 Yogis Celebrating the Solstice in Times Square – Photos

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Happy summer! How did you celebrate the solstice? Did you say in the middle of NYC’s Times Square with thousands of fellow yogsters? Get ready to play a fun game of yoga Where’s Waldo!

Whether you made it to the epicenter of sensory overload or not, we think you’ll enjoy these pictures we captured from the livestream of 11th annual Solstice at Times Square event on Friday, which, according to event organizers, drew over 15,000 yogis for the 5 yoga classes that took place smack dab in the middle of Broadway between 43rd and 48th streets. The heavily sponsored spectacle likely lured in about 10,000 more spectators throughout the day, who we can only imagine yoga’d the rest of their way to Madame Tussaud’s and Kinky Boots.

Enjoy the slideshow:




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  • so awesome to see calm in the midst of mayhem

  • This event in Times Square was super awesome! It was such a great feeling to watch thousands of people practice yoga together from all over the world. I also got a free Runa sample after finishing my yoga and loved it! The taste was great and really refreshing after exercising in the heat all day. The drink is also packed with antioxidants, which is great for your body! If you like their Facebook page, they will send you a free sample of the hot tea! Tell all your friends and get them to try it too!


  • As someone who prefers solitude I never really get the point of these sort of things.

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