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TWIY: Summer Solstice Yoga LIVE, Yoga Boosts Brain Power, Britney Spears YogaMom, 8 Crazy Yoga Style Mashups

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June is busting out all over. Happy Summer, yogadorks! How are you celebrating the solstice? In New York City’s Times Square with 16,000 other yogis? If not, you can watch the livestream of the event right here: Watch Summer Solstice Yoga In Times Square LIVE (Next class is at 5:30pm eastern!)

We missed you last week, and you’ve got summer sun to enjoy, so we’ll cut straight to the news!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs: NBA Finals Yoga Matchup!
Speaking of summer, congrats to the Heat! How did the teams match up on the yoga mat?


Yoga Better for Brain Function Than Aerobic Exercise, Study Finds
What can 20 mins of yoga do that running can’t? Help you find your keys for one!


8 Crazy Yoga Style Mashups
And 20 minutes of Yog-Yurt will give you a healthy helping of good bacteria in your digestive track!

Biology sketches on school board. Vector illustration.

Yoga-Related Scientific Studies Increasing at Historical Rate
As it turns out, there are more yoga studies now than there were in the past 60 years.


Virginia Lt. Gov. Candidate EW Jackson Clarifies His Stance on Yoga and Satanism
Oh, woops. Maybe Yoga isn’t for Satan’s spawn?


Lululemon CEO Christine Day Quits, Founder Chip Wilson Launches Tell-All Book, Meditation Project
Ch-ch-ch-changes at Lululemon after the see-through pantscapade. Plus, Chip wants to get inside your head.

Lululemon Posts Fake CEO Job Wanted Ad to Laughter, Maybe Tears
Lulu’s CEO quit unexpectedly last week so they posted a wanted ad as a joke. It’s funny, and a little bit sad.


Britney Spears Says Yoga is Her ‘Go-To’ to Relieve Anxiety
Sisterwoman is taking her timeouts when she can with yoga. We’re proud of you, Britney!


Photo: Gisele Bundchen’s Mom Yoga Coolness (Is More Than Meets the Eye)
This is beautiful and it’s not because it has anything to do with a supermodel.


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