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Britney Spears Says Yoga is Her ‘Go-To’ to Relieve Anxiety

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We’re proud of Britney Spears, we’ll go right ahead and say it. Baby girl has survived some rough patches and now she’s getting her yoga on. We wish we could say the same for all the troubled celebs out there. *cough*Lohan*cough*Bynes*cough* sigh.

“I love my yoga,” the pop star told to Ryan Seacrest earlier this week on his radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Spears is rumored to be gearing up for a big Vegas residency, but she couldn’t confirm anything yet and told Ryan that regardless, yoga has become regular part of her body and mind ritual. “I’m doing a lot of yoga right now. It’s like my go-to between all anxiety and everything,” she said.

We think that’s awesome and everything.

The 31-year-old momma of two boys was on the cover of Shape magazine this month and demonstrated one of her typical mini yoga sequences in the issue. It’s Shape magazine, so it’s mostly about, well, being “in shape.” Some form critiques aside, we give her props.


But like anything with Britney, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies when she first started the practice. Sometimes life is a rocky road of head shaving freakouts and boring yoga classes. But like anything with Britney, she’s come back stronger.

“The first time I did yoga I didn’t like it at all,” Brit brit said and proceeded to give the yog-reluctant Ryan a few tips.

“I think the key is finding a good teacher, someone you kind of connect with and if you do find that person then it doesn’t feel like you’re bored or impatient because I’ve been in tons of classes where I’m so over it and I can’t deal and want it to end, but I think if you find the right instructor, it does wonders for your body.”

“You need the right teacher and take baby steps.”

Sister, we’ve been there. And we’re glad you stuck with it.

[Via Huffington Post]



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  • heard she had left x-factor, thought she was the best part of the show, very down to earth, lot of connection to her heart it seemed; wishing her all the best

  • Chris

    Very nice, Britney ! Good for ya, keep at it !

    Meanwhile, wouldn’t it just be simpler to use the Sanskrit names for the Poses ?
    Boat-Pose = Navasana (the word ‘navy’ arises from the Sanskrit root ‘naav’, so fairly easy to remember Naavasana).

    Crescent Lunge ? Isn’t that the sleazy bar that they shut down last month ? No, wait, that was the Crescent Lounge !

  • Honomann

    I’m on team Brit Brit, but your poses can use some work.

  • Her poses may not be perfect, but she’s right on the money with her advice about taking baby steps and finding a teacher you connect with. Good for her!

  • as a senior, and someone who’s seen many a potential person interested in yoga get scared off by not being able to immediately meet standards for doing a pose perfectly, i very much welcome images of someone learning to do poses, for their body, where they are at that moment –

    and, myself, i certainly also like seeing and knowing what a “correct” pose can look like, at least for the person presenting it

    plus, i like the idea of further certification to go with general yoga training – my wife and i have also been certified by AFAA in the past, and were shocked, in the learning process, to learn what we didn’t even know we didn’t know 😉

    so rigid fitness knowledge and standards are good, and so is a compassion for those who are willing to start from far back from the ideal

    best wishes everyone 🙂

    • Felipe, I like your take on things. I have only been teaching two years, and I’m constantly seeking out new information from more experienced teachers, taking classes wherever I can, etc. I’m assuming that this photo shoot didn’t include a yoga teacher being present to correct and perfect her poses like they would for the cover of Yoga Journal or the like. If her poses get someone else to try yoga who wouldn’t have done it before, I trust that they will find a way to a studio with a teacher who can guide them better than a magazine photo could.

      • thanks so much mary – yeah, if i quit learning, i think i’d be worried 🙂

        hard core physiology about our bodies from a knowledgeable source, either college or one of the national fitness orgs, like afaa, ace, acsm, is, i think, indispensable –

        for my wife and i’s age group, there’s also significant variations of caution it’d be unwise to not know

        it sounds like you yourself will always be a person who conscientiously applies herself to always being open to learning – hard to beat that! all the best wishes 😉

  • i think u need to give her more props….like blocks and belts 😛

  • Dear Brittany,

    Thank you for putting yourself out there so selflessly. Do you have any yoga makeup tips for us? Thanks so much!

  • fin

    Anyone that has ever been in front of a camera doing yoga knows how hard it is to perfect a pose so that the viewer can be pleased with alignment.
    If you have a hard time getting past the alignment issues you should look upon her heart, everyone has to start someplace and I commend her for her desire for change and enlightenment.

  • Wow, Britney is really cute!!!

  • Seems like Britney Spears has really found what she was looking for. She is so fit and fabulous!! Keep it up! Way to go there, Britney!!

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