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Father’s Day Giveaway: Case of Amy & Brian Coconut Water + ‘Downward-Facing Death’ Yoga Murder Mystery

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greatest-yoga-dadDads, this is your day. Allow us to acknowledge all your awesomeness, your encouragement, your courage and support.

We’re celebrating ALL the dads out there today and sending a very special yogi fist bump to the pops practicing their yoga on and off the mat. Aw man, forget that, bring it in for a hug. This one’s for you, guys!

For yoga lovers and non yoga lovers alike, we think you’ll dig this one.

WIN: We invite you to kick back and quench your thirst with a case of Amy & Brian coconut water.

Amy and Brian Coconut Juice

Then dive into the intriguing tales of detective Matt Bolster in Downward-Facing Death, a yoga murder mystery by author, yogi and all around cool dude/dad, Neal Pollack. (Read his ‘Nidra Dad’ Father’s Day post!)


TO ENTER: Let’s hear from the dads! What’s it like to be a yoga dad? Or maybe you’re a dad who hasn’t tried yoga yet and you have some questions about it. Share with us in the comments! We’re all friends here. If you’re not a dad and would like to win this for someone special, please share a few words of gratitude for the dad or dad-like person in your life.

Giveaway is open until 11:59pm Tuesday, June 18. Winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck! Happy Father’s Day!

UPDATE: Congrats to Diane! Thanks to all who entered. We love all the yoga dads and yoga dad lovers.




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  • I’m not a dad, obviously. I’m not even a mom, last time I checked. But I really do enjoy Neal Pollack’s books, and had a pretty rotten year, and if no dad’s leave a comment before the 18th, I would so much love to win this, and pass it on to my own dad.
    The book, not the coconut water. Cause I can get him to read, but I won’t be able to get him to drink that woo-woo hippy stuff. Which I would volunteer to drink, happily.

    I’m a fan and this would be a great pick-me-up. 🙂

  • My husband, Steve, has been, and continues to be a great dad through-out his ‘dad’ years. He was never afraid to change a diaper, stay with the toddlers while I went to nursing school, coach their soccer teams, the list is endless. When my daughter was 15, they would walk to yoga class, mats in hand-so cute I always thought! My daughter eventually went to yoga teacher training when she lived in Seattle. Steve is also a yoga instructor these days and teaches at the studio my daughter manages. The whole yoga experience brought them closer together and have remained close to this day .

    Steve and our son have a lot in common when it comes to computers. Steve left the computer world to teach his passion (yoga and yoga nidra) and our son is the IT guy at our Art Museum. They have worked together many times on a consulting basis and never are they a loss for ‘technical’ conversation. Our son is an avid Yogananda reader as well!

    A great dad he is and now a grandpa, we often teach yoga postures to our 3 and 5 yr old grandchildren. Steve is a special guy and I am proud and blessed to claim him as the dad to our children. P.s. I recently discovered this coconut water and I am drinking a can of it as I write this! I’ve tried different ones and this is the real deal!

  • My Dad is no yogi, but I like that one of his work-arounds for his balance issues was to get what he calls a “three-wheeled bicycle.”

  • Matt

    I just started yoga this year. When I do yoga at home, my five-year-old son invariably stands in front of me and copies the poses. His favorites are triangle pose and tree pose.

    It’s pretty great being a yoga dad. Yoga helps me have the patience and presence needed to be a good father. And my son thinks it’s pretty entertaining.

  • My daughter is 3 years old. I have never tried to each her anything about yoga but a while back a friend bought her a book on yoga for kids as a present. One day, I was on my living room floor having a bit of practice to prepare for a teacher training session I was leading later that day. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling much up to it and my practice was not really providing the turnaround I was hoping for. Then, my daughter came bounding in the room and proclaimed: “Daddy, you are doing it wrong.” I said: “I am? Can you show me how to do it right?” She said: “yes” and proceeded to take me through the poses in her yoga book in the exact order without missing any, including savasana (aka sponge pose.) I was literally stunned as she instructed me, even correcting my alignment at one point: “Daddy, you’re feet are too close together.” After the fact, I actually checked the book and was amazed that she had been able to memorize it so well on her own. And the craziest thing was that when she roused me from my very brief, less than one-minute, final rest and said: “OK Daddy, you’re done now,” I felt totally amazing and utterly prepared to teach.

    For me, being a yoga dad is not about teaching my kid yoga. My bet is that the more I might attempt to ingratiate her to yoga, the more she is likely to become an investment banker. But when parents employ yoga practice to help themselves be healthier people and better examples, it seems inevitable that the kids will learn.

  • Shanna

    My dad isn’t a yogi, but he is a great guy who always pushed me to challenge myself. He had a few surgeries that had complications this year and I was worried he wouldn’t make it a few months ago. So happy that I could celebrate Father’s Day with him this year!

  • Diane

    My husband Jim is not only an avid reader, but loves Coconut water and is a new Ashtanga Yogi practitioner. As the Dad of 4 teenage daughters, he certainly deserves his savasana!

  • Daniel Grossman

    OK, yes I am a yoga dad with three kids. I sneak away whenever I can to take a yoga class go to a yoga course and have fun. I have taken all the kids at different times with me. The last family vacation we went on all 5 of us lined up on our mats from 8 to 52 years old. Yoga has saved my back, helped me stretch in other ways too. God bless old thin cave dwellers in India for the gift of yoga!

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