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8 Crazy Yoga Style Mashups

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There are truly some fascinating and crazy fitness mashups out there. For instance, this Vanity Fair headline caught our eye about a new spinning facility that will feature under water cycling: ‘Think Yoga but Spinning: Think Aqua Studio.’ Think yoga but spinning? What does that even mean?

We already have wild yoga combos out there (See SUP: stand up paddleboard yoga) but we thought it would be fun to try our hand at introducing some new and exciting (and, of course, ridiculous) yoga mashups to mix it up on the mat. Or, you know, in the vat of yogurt.

8 Crazy Yoga Style Mashups

1. YOG-YURT: think yoga but in a giant yurt filled with strawberry yogurt.

yogurt-yogaThe obvious choice for any serious yogi seeking to win the Annual Yogurt Cup Championships a la the ancient Greek Yogurt Games. (Lactose-free China-Gel option available).

2. YOGHOUDINI: think yoga but in a straitjacket and hanging from a crane.


Think you know yoga? Try it upside down with two hands tied behind your back. Great for your circulation!

3. YOVACUUM: think yoga but while you clean your house.

vacuum-yogaThis multitasking master class is nothing to sneeze at. You clear away the dust and cobwebs of your body, mind and household.

4. YOGAME OF THRONES: think yoga but medievally mythical and morally ambiguous.

iron-throne-asanaRevolutionize your warrior poses while dabbling in gratuitous promiscuity and battling in unbridled commentary and analysis via social media networks on your way to Iron Throne Pose. Peacefully, of course. Ahimsa.

5. PRETZEL POWER: think yoga but in the inspiringly doughy setting of a pretzel-making factory.

yoga-pretzelFinally! You can have your pose and eat it, too! Open to all shapes, sizes and gluten content. Because no one pretzel is the same!


6. BEEZYOGA: think yoga but with the risk (benefit?) of sustaining thousands of stings in a bee hive.

You inner bees are like this:


But you’ll find inner peace is as sweet as honey!



 7. YOGAFLECTION: think yoga but in a room full of fun house mirrors.

fun house mirror yoga

Distortion contortion? Or a new reflective perspective? It depends how you see it!

8. HALF-BAKED YOGA: think hot stoner yoga but in an oven where the Doobie Brothers play 24/7 and all the props are edible baked goods.


Can’t get any higher or hotter? That’s what a fool believes.




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