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We Missed Winter Storm Yogi! Or, Did We?

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We know, we know, it’s well past winter as we enter mid-June and sweet summertime (oh yeah). But, we somehow missed something frostorical! That’s frosty and historical. Remember when we posted about Winter Storm names and how “Yogi” was so interestingly chosen as the ‘Y’ and how cool it would be to get there (you know, if everyone was safe and stuff)?

Holy snow angels, you may have to sit in sukhasana for this:

The Weather Channel named Winter Storm Yogi on Monday, April 15.

April 15th. Tax Day! Of all days, Winter Storm Yogi blew in to quell our IRS vexations and quandaries, or otherwise ruined everyone’s last minute preparations. Oh that Yogi, always teaching us lessons.

Being on the east coast at YDHQ we did not get the pleasure of experiencing the two feet of snow that Yogi brought to parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, something tells us those cold winds whispered their way east telling us all to chill. After all, this is yoga snow we’re talking about. Yoga. Snow.

We imagine it was a magical winter wonderland where no shoveling was required, only sun salutations to melt the snow. And the only plow you’d need is halasana. Snow people probably all looked something like this:


Now 2012-2013 was the first season the official weather people named winter storms, whereas they’ve been naming tropical storms and hurricanes since 1953 to help avoid confusion. In the tropical storm rules, they recycle the name lists every six years, retiring any names of especially destructive hurricanes because no one wants to relive certain storms (Katrina, Sandy, we’re looking at you). So will they do the same routine for winter storms as well?

Maybe! We’ll keep an eye out for Yogi coming around again 2019. Until then, you snow we’ll be practicing.




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  • opps its was so cold an this article was also gave cold feeling to feel the image and weather..
    i love to play in snow.. thanx for sharing a great article with us..
    keep it up man

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