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TWIY: This Satanic Yoga, Yoga Joins Protests in Turkey, Touch ‘Consent’ Cards, When Yoga Empowers

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It’s national doughnut day AND there’s a new moon tomorrow? Do we need another excuse to be lunar-loving, fried pastry-munching heathens? Oh that’s right, yoga! But if practicing yoga is so devilishly wrong, we don’t want to be right. Pass the twisted cruller.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Virginia Lt. Governor Candidate Warns of Yoga Letting Satan ‘Invade the Empty Vacuum of Your Soul’
So, by the way, yoga is the devil and we are all heathens.

TechCrunch peeks into Asana's practices.

TechCrunch peeks into Asana’s practices.

Inside the Asana Office, Yoga and Work Flow Paradise
Is this the epitome of work flow or what?

Photo via the Cihangar Yoga facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cihangiryoga

Photo via the Cihangar Yoga facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cihangiryoga

Yoga Joins Peaceful Protests at Istanbul’s Gezi Park
Protests in Turkey continue. Yoga helps keep them peaceful.


Yoga and the Dawn of Touch ‘Consent’ Cards
‘Touch me’ – ‘Don’t touch me’ cards are catching on. Are they necessary?


UPDATE: ‘Yoga Nazi,’ aka the ‘Meanest Yoga Teacher’ in NYC Closes Bikram Union Square, Students Demand Answers
Yogis are up in arms over sudden Bikram studio closure.


When Yoga Empowers: The Three Perspectives of Understanding
Latest in Yogopinions from J Brown: When Yoga Empowers (And When It Doesn’t)

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TWIY: Yoga in Bed, Smithsonian Yoga Exhibit, Pema Chodron Giveaway, Intern Wanted!

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