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Lenovo Co-Opts Yoga for Gadget Nothing To Do With Yoga…Cute Ad Though

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Around October last year gadgety company Lenovo launched what they’d like you to think is the technological equivalent to yoga, and called it, well, Yoga. They came up with the catchy title for the flexy tablet/laptop thinger using ‘yoga’ as the code name at first, which ended up just sticking. “The code name was so logical — it was just a perfect fit — that it ended up becoming the real name,” Lenovo CMO David Roman told Mashable.

Their ad campaign seems to make just as much sense (as in it has nothing to do with yoga). But perhaps we can be thankful they haven’t gotten Tara Stiles and Deepak to hawk the product…yet?

This latest ad spot for the new and improved Yoga 11S is a cute little number performed by “The Silhouettes” who are dancers, not yogis, and who morph their collective bodies into things like trees and airplane seats and the word YOGA, and not partner acro yoga poses or motorcycles, funny enough. Though this ad has really nothing to do with yoga, much like the entire convertible gadget itself, the silhouette ad might be a little more on track than the previous 007 meets Ninja Impossible campaign (we’re always using yoga in our covert spy operations!)

“We tried to find a unique way to demonstrate its flexibility,” says Jeff Meredith, Lenovo’s VP of marketing. Hrm, like nonchalantly co-opting yoga? It’s fun, though, whatever. And maybe more people will get into yoga because their computer is named as such?

And really, what else could they have called it? “When you think it’s one thing, it turns into something else. It’s like a Transformer toy,” says Lynne Waggoner-Patton, creator of the Silhouettes dance troupe. Seriously, what else could they have called it? Nothing comes to mind.

On another note, does anyone own one of these here Yogas that can attest to its yoga-ness?





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