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TWIY: Yoga Goes on Trial Update, Funny George Lucas Yoga, Hip Reset, Giveaway Winners

in This Week in Yoga


In yoga, we learn, via the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, that “smrti” is just one of the layers of our citta vritti thought shish kebabs that float in and out of the outdoor BBQ of our brains at every moment. (Hey, it’s the unofficial Summer kickoff, someone’s grilling somewhere!)

Smrti, meaning literally, “that which is remembered,” is basically our memory, which can sometimes conjure up wonderful past presents or sometimes painful experiences, and sometimes telephone numbers like whoa out of nowhere. Magic!

While we can often nudge it into the department of distractions, it’s memory that helps us feel sentimental, nostalgic (remember the time when we fell in love?), or on certain days like this, reflective, grateful and respectful.

It’s Memorial Day, and for peaceful hippies like us, we wish everyone would hop on the ahimsa train, but in the nature of the world, the light and dark, the triumphant and the fallen, we remember and appreciate those who have put their lives on the line so that our futures may be filled with more happy memory sandwiches.

We invite you to remember, reflect, release, breathe. Repeat. (just be sure you’re far enough away from the smell of lighter fluid.) xo

And now…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

We promised some winners! And another YD tank giveaway! Read on.


George Lucas on Star Wars: The Force is ‘Like Yoga’, Yoda ‘Like a Guru’
George Lucas says the Force is just like Yoga!


Yoga Goes On Trial Today: Encinitas Case Pitting Parents Against School Yoga Classes and ‘Religious Indoctrination’
Yoga hit the courts and went on trial this past week, where it may live for eternity.

Yoga Trial Week 1 Recap:

– What is Religion? What is Yoga? School Yoga Trial Seeks Answers

– Yoga Trial Judge: ‘We’re getting so esoteric it’s almost meaningless’


Meditation Effects on Education (Infographic)
They may be talking circles in a court of law, but the proof may be in the reduced agression pudding.

Open Hips 2

Reset Your Hips to Reset Your Posture
YogaDork Ed.: Get our hip stretch on and realign your spine!

Yoga Ph.D.

Winner Announcement: ‘Yoga PhD’ book giveaway! The entries were so great we wish everyone could win. The good news is, we added two more winners to make it FIVE total. Huge Congrats to: Ophelia, Kendra, JennyP, TJ and Andrea!

Read all the fun PhD entries and the book excerpt here.

Jay Fields

And don’t forget to check out the book excerpt and giveaway of ‘Teaching People Not Poses’ by Jay Fields.

– Book Excerpt: ‘Teaching People, Not Poses’ by Jay Fields

– YD Giveaway: ‘Teaching People, Not Poses’ by Jay Fields


Last, but not least…it’s another YD tank giveaway! (this one special and only for YD newsletter subscribers. not getting our weekly, totally nonintrusive, yet entertaining and informative newsletter? you can sign up here!)



TWIY: Fat Yoga Studio, BKS Iyengar Feature Documentary, ‘Yoga PhD’ Giveaway!

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