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Meditation Effects on Education (Infographic)

in Kids Yoga, Neato

meditation-in-schools-infographicSure, infographics tend to simplify things, that’s part of their appeal. We like this one about meditation and education because we keep reading and hearing about how meditation and yoga have helped kids do better in school, and in life. This just illustrates that! Click to enlarge.

Infographic: Maili Holiman via edutopia.org




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  • James

    Does anybody know more about these “Teachers’ Rating Scales” used to compile the data? From what I can tell, it looks like teachers are evaluating the effects of a system put in place by their bosses.

    I wholeheartedly agree that any regular meditation/prayer/calmness practice will improve a life but I’d prefer a study proving that link to come from a disinterested party.

  • Nice Post.

  • BH901

    Hi there. It’s really great and truthful infographic. Cause you know a lot of students order their works somewhere like https://pro-papers.com/literature-writing-service and in fact don’t know anything, that’s why when they write some text in real time they makes mistakes. The question of deterioration education is very important in present days. So hope meditation will change it.

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