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TWIY: Fat Yoga Studio, BKS Iyengar Feature Documentary, ‘Yoga PhD’ Giveaway!

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commencement-catAs life would have it, this week was brushed with bittersweetness. Mid-May always ushers in the sense of ending – like graduations and season or series finales (byebye The Office! tear) – AND the promise of new beginnings (SYTYCD! we’re super fans) and new adventures as we wait for unofficial summer to start.

When it comes to endings and beginnings we love the word commencement. What a fabulous way to mark the close of something, not with a sombertude, but with the cheer and curiosity of beginning the next chapter. It’s a little like what happens when we practice yoga and end in Savasana, where we “die” each time, but it’s not the end, really, it’s simply another commencement…asana.

And with that, we shall commence in regaling this week’s yoga newsiness!

Firstly, huge congrats to our giveaway winners!

Mother’s Day Giveaway: The Yoga Poster + YD Tank You Mom + Eye Pillow –Congrats to Ellen!
YD Giveaway: Yoga for Fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer –Congrats to Sandra, Jerry and Leah!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Finally, More Yoga Pants for Curvy Yogis?
Retailers are getting hip to curvier yogis.


Fat Yoga Studio Opens in Portland
That’s the studio name, we’re not being fresh, and they’re not being shy about it.


Russell Brand: From Addiction to Yoga, Interview with Eddie Stern (Video)
Rusty: “For the first time in my life I spent more time meditating and practicing yoga than I do f*%king.”


Should All Yoga Studios Offer Free Meditation Classes/Sessions?
So far 88% of voters say ‘yes, please.’


Help BKS Iyengar Feature Documentary Film Get Finished
The most in-depth documentary film on 94-year-old BKS Iyengar needs your help to get finished.


Celebrating Moms! We asked four amazing moms to share their stories. ‘You Know You’re a Yoga Mom When…’ – A Mother’s Day 4-Part Series

YD GIVEAWAY! Read an excerpt from ‘Yoga Ph.D.’ by Carol Horton and win a copy of the book! We’re feeling extra smartie yoga pants this week. This may be why.



TWIY: Guinea Pig Yoga Cuteness, Two Giveaways Ending!, Bikram Accused of Rape

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