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YD Giveaway: ‘Yoga PhD’ by Carol Horton

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Yoga Ph.D.

What is Yoga? An ancient, healing practice? A good stretch and stress reliever? Something cool celebrities do? The reason we live in yoga pants? Maybe all that and more?

How can we make sense of thousands of years of yoga in a contemporary world of uber-commercialization? So many questions! Political science professor-turned-yoga teacher (and prominent member of the yoga blog community) Carol Horton, is the brave soul tackling and examining the paradox of modern yoga with some sharp and critical thinking through historical, personal and sociological reflections in her new aptly titled book, Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a social scientist. This book is for everyone curious about the history, popularity and evolution of modern yoga and spirituality. Want a sneak peek? Carol was kind enough to share with us an excerpt from her book. If you haven’t already, check it out here!

WIN: We’re delighted to be giving away 3 copies of Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body by Carol Horton. Yay!

TO ENTER: We’re getting a little tricky with this one. What is yoga, anyway? Tell us what yoga is to you in three-ish words using the letters ‘P’ ‘H’ and ‘D’ in your answer. This way we can all consider ourselves nerds worthy of the yogadork status. (Your certificate is in the mail.)

Here’s ours to get the ball rolling:

Yoga: Pranic Happy Dance!

Your turn! Please leave your entries in the comments.

Entries counted until 11:59pm Tuesday May 21. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

We’re in the midst of a pre-summer reading YD book giveaway series running through May and into June. Stay tuned for another great book each week!




137 comments… add one
  • Playful, Heavenly, Dreamy

  • Kelly

    Yoga is my Personal Healing Drug!

  • Nikki Scozzafava

    A lesson of
    [P]atience with self and others,
    [H]ealing on the deepest of levels, and
    [D]elving into our untapped potential.

  • Pacified Human Desires!

  • Path to Highest Discovery

  • Carlye

    Perfectly Harmonious Development of Physical, Heedful, and Devine selves

  • Ann Fogal

    Pretty much Hurts like the Devil…

    (Because I have fibromylagia and when I started I couldn’t even raise my hands up past my shoulders and with Practice it Helped Damn much. But then, I recently stopped because I am a Life Path 6 and probably have ADHD, so I don’t stick with things for too long. Maybe a copy of the book will help inspire me. 🙂

  • Margaret

    pranayama, health, devotion

  • Moi

    Pure Heaven, Duh!

  • Kawika

    Peaceful Healing Daily

  • Yoga: Pure Heavenly Devotion

  • Nancy


    Spontaneous intuition
    Centered in the heart
    Born of meditation

  • nancy

    Powerful Heartwarming Divinity 🙂

  • Janah

    Perfectly happy Destination xxx

  • Cheryl

    playful, haven, daily….

  • personal holistic devotion

  • prayerful, healthy, deliciousness!

  • Rebecca

    Practice harbors destiny

  • Tish Douzart



  • Cheryl B


  • Dawn powell

    Yoga helped me find my :Purpose, Hara, Dreams:)

  • Dawn powell

    Lol…isn’t that interesting…the :p is supposed to be : And P

  • Brie

    My: Prana Healing Discipline <3

  • Kathryn Juergens

    Yoga: purpose, health, drive

  • Patient & Determined Heart!

  • pauline

    Yoga: Perseverance, Harmony, Dedication

  • Yoga: psyche healing discipline

  • Pranayama Healing Dhyana



  • Ashley C

    Personal healing device 🙂

  • Chelsea

    ‘P’ ‘H’ and ‘D’

    Yoga is Pantanjalic, Healing, Dependable

  • Peace, Harmony, Devotion

  • paul

    Phenomenological Holometabolism for De-diathesising

  • Sarah

    Physical, Holistic, Dynamic

  • Elisha

    Peaceful, Harmonizing, and Delightful

  • Erin

    Perpetual Heartfelt Discovery

  • Stacey

    Yoga is…

    and so much more…

  • Shannon

    Yoga: posture (I’m working on back issues so this is on my mind!)

  • Monique

    Deep, humbling path

  • Wendy

    Practice hedonic discovery with patience, heart, and devotion.

  • Wendy

    If you’re strict about three words, consider mine two separate submissions. Both clauses work. 😉 I like them best in tandem.

  • jennyp


  • Shyra

    Powerful Happiness Determiner

  • Katy

    Peace happens deeply.

  • Ammie

    To me, yoga is:
    The PROCESS of giving my inner HEROINE the courage to control her DESTINY.

  • priceless, humbling, depth


    Personal Daily Hug

  • G Faunk

    Its like, you know… Physically Heady Dhyana… and shit. bless

  • We


  • Yoga = Mind Body Awakening

  • Rachelle

    Plank Happens Daily 🙂

  • Therese Takacs

    Yoga is patience, healing, and a devotion!

  • Kat

    Yoga is…


  • Mary Cronin

    Patience, Hopefulness, Devine

  • Christine Shannon

    Clear your mind, open your heart,..and come home…to yoga. xoxo

  • kathy

    Patience. holistic. Discipline.

  • Everything?

  • TK

    Pranic, Healing, Dharana

  • Marie-Josée

    To me, yoga is a way to advance on my personal Path, to live and accept my Humanity, mostly my Doubts…

  • Oh with PHD.

    peaceful holy deliverance.

  • Casey

    Playful Holy Deepening

  • Tara

    Peaceful Happy Devotion

  • Jessica Manley

    Positively Healthy Dhyana

  • Monica B.

    Yoga: Plentiful, Healthy, Doable!

  • Joy Elvin

    Yoga: Perfectly, hopelessly, delicate.

  • positively heavenly and also down-to-earth

  • Carla Berrey

    Yoga is: a Physical, Healthy, Delight!

  • Amanda

    Yoga is: Patience Heals Dis-ease

  • KC

    Personal Healing Divined
    Potential Hope Dreams
    Positivity Happiness Devotee
    Purusa Heals Duhkha
    Possibilites Happen Daily

  • Yoga is PHD: Part (of a) Happy Day

  • Jenn

    Yoga: Powerful Healing Drug

  • Pearls of wisdom
    Hailing down gently with
    Disciplined daily heartfelt practice

  • Ann

    Peaceful heartfelt devotion

  • Raeann

    Presence. Heart. Devotion

  • Tim

    Pretty Hand Dancing!

  • peace, health, divinity

  • Brit

    patience, happiness, dharana

  • Lisa

    Practical, Healthy, delightful!

  • Pussy Honoring Dedication (to heal patriarchal domination).

  • Lucy

    Positive Honest Development

  • Practical Healing Dedication

  • Stacey

    Presence, honed and distilled.

  • Kay

    Devotional, Healing Peace

  • Practicing Presence & Holistic Health: Divine Dance of Developmental Dharma

  • shari




    (namaste, shari)

  • LR

    Peaceful Honest Discipline

  • Shanna

    Pure Happy Dance

  • Susan Stevens


  • Eleni

    Pure Happiness Dedication

  • Kate

    Personal happy development 🙂

  • magda h

    Patience, Healing, Dedication

  • I’m working on my PhD in yoga by Pursuing Horizons Dauntlessly

  • Passionate Heartfelt Desire

  • TJ

    Yoga: Painful Hamstring Distress. =P

  • Preparing (to) Humbly Die…..

  • Julie

    Pretty Heavy Darshana.

  • Logan




  • Kristin

    Positively Harmonious Destination

  • Yoga Is : Physical Healing Direction

  • Pilgrimage into the Hidden Devine

  • Pat

    PHabulous Dharma!

  • Practical
    Destructive (for bad habits, that is) 🙂

  • Kat

    Yoga: Patience heals deeply.

  • Neil

    Patient, Healthy, Determination

  • Rebecca Chabot

    Prana heart Dhyana

  • lilibralith

    Personal Happiness Defined

  • Tina

    Private Healthy Doing

  • Patrick

    Peaceful Healing Devotion

  • Cathy Geier

    Purposeful Healthy Destiny

    I read through them all. Yogadork, so many are so good- I hope you have at least 20 winners! And that I am among them of course1

  • Seth

    Process (of) Holistic Development

  • Purusa’s Human Discovering…

  • Crystal

    The [P]ursuit of inter peace, quest for [H]igher knowledge , and journey of self [D]iscovery.

  • Jeff Wuhantu

    Pretty Happy Day

  • Practice human discovery

  • Yoga is Power (strenght both mind and body),
    High (conection with the sun and the moon and nature)
    Destiny (like the path in the destiny kind of)….:D

  • Megan

    Potent Healing, Dammit!

  • Scott

    Practicing High Devotion

  • Semper Fi

    Pathetic Handout Drama from people who claim to be non materialistic.

    • Stewart J. Lawrence

      Pathological Huckster Drag

  • dsavage

    Perpetual Happy Dance

  • Aubrey

    Playful Delightful Healthful

  • Pam

    My Yoga…

  • Naomi

    Pathway to
    Dharma 🙂

  • Jenn aho

    Personal Healthy Desire

  • Dominique

    Physical ~ Healing ~ Divine <3

  • Jen Maguire

    The Promise of Happy Delights

  • Practicing

  • Prana, Healing, Divine

  • HK

    [P]ranayama [h]eart. [D]onuts.

    What? I can’t help where my mind goes during Shavasana…

  • Charlotte

    (P)leasure (H)appiness (D)iscovery

  • Peace

  • Emily Ahrens

    To me yoga is Powerful, Healing, and De-stressing. As a nurse, I find these qualities important for myself as a student, but also for my patients who have so many restrictions in their abilities and chrinuic pain issues. I alsways tell them anyone can do yoga.

  • For me it’s Peace, Health & Devotion

  • P.oetically H.onest D.iscussion… with oneself.

  • Elizabeth

    Pretty Heavily Dependent on the experiences available to you. In a town with only “yoga is physical exercise, and that takes care of everything” studios, is it any wonder how people get confused?

  • Doug Wuenschel

    Probing Holistic Development

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