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Should All Yoga Studios Offer Free Meditation Classes/Sessions?

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meditation-catWe’ve noticed this is a thing:

A lot of yoga studios have added free meditation times to their schedules. Likely it’s 30 mins here or there squeezed between the lunch express and the sweaty power hour, but it’s a time when the studio is open to anyone in the community wishing to come and be quiet and still.

It’s our latest YD Poll:



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  • therese

    The studio I go to offers a donation based 1/2 hour meditation. The money goes to the teacher which is fine with me as I appreciate them taking the time. I love it.

  • The established Insight meditation centers in the US (Insight Meditation Society & Spirit Rock) require a rigorous 2-year Community Dharma Leaders program before they’ll allow someone to do day-longs or regular meditation classes — and I agree that this is the right prerequisite.

    Meditation can bring up a lot of negative and difficult emotions. I have even known people who have suffered from near or complete psychotic episodes as a result of diving into meditation too deeply without proper guidance.

    Yoga studios should look to the Insight Meditation and other established communities for responsible instruction before just offering these up, though I do think all yogis would benefit from meditation practices.

  • Sandy Reid

    I teach yoga and meditation and as much as I would like to, I really can’t afford to give it away. The doctors, dentists, elec. company, phone, cable, boutiques and grocery stores I shop at don’t give stuff away cause it would be cool to do so, and I can’t afford to either. Come on….it’s the 21st C. That said, there are many ofpportunities to find free things during YOGA Week, held in my city DC andf Va. Yoga week coming up in June and then there is World Yoga Day and others around the country.

  • I think it would be a good idea, but I think it should me donation based, with the proceeds going to the teacher. I think it’s awesome that many studios are doing this, meditation is so good for the soul.

  • Meditation is wonderful for stress relief and enhancing your perception on life. I think donation based is good but I do feel at times when something is offered without any energy exchange can be taken for granted.

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