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Russell Brand: From Addiction to Yoga, Interview with Eddie Stern (Video)

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There are many reasons why we have a fascination with Russell Brand and deemed him our 2012 YD mascot. Here’s one. Perhaps not exactly the most likable character, that Rusty, but what loudmouthed, opinionated comedian in show biz is there to please everyone?

In this interview with the sweet-mannered Ashtanga yoga teacher Eddie Stern (who has also interviewed Moby and is kind of like his long lost yoga cousin) Russell leads us through a journey about his using drugs for relief, his mind-blowing acid trips and becoming a heroine addict looking for a solution to what he came to realize was really a spiritual problem. He calls himself an instinctually devotional person. Unfortunately, he was fully devoted, as in addicted, to drugs, sex and money…until he started practicing yoga.

The interview is broken up into 3 parts. The Dalai Lama comes first, because the Dalai Lama is always first.

Part 1: Inspiration from the Dalai Lama

Going from ‘Shagger of the Year’ to introducing the Dalai Lama.

Part 2: Overcoming Addiction through Yoga

“Addiction was a spiritual problem.”

“I recognize an authenticity through yogic practice. A moment to moment union with God, I feel an authenticity that I really dont feel in any where else in my life.”

Part 2: Transformation through Yoga

Russell: For the first time in my life I spent more time meditating and practicing yoga than I do fucking.

Eddie: How much time do you spent practicing yoga?

Russell: A LOT! I have to…



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  • A Moga

    Love it

  • Sat Nam,

    Thank you for your efforts in posting these videos. Like Russell Brand my Kundalini Yoga practice ended the “spiritual malady” that haunted me throughout my Addiction(s).

    Grace Laughter & Love to you!

  • Karen

    He’s clearly committed to cleaning up some important areas of his life – and good on him for that; I look forward to yoga helping him to transform his attitude to women.

  • Mark

    I’m sure that yoga can clean up his unhealthy attitude towards women. Look what it did for Bikram.

  • Semper Fi

    Why do all the celebri-yogis have to be in recovery? Is that the only way to get recognition as a yoga teacher? I know plenty of yoga practitioners who don’t have a history of some type mental disorder. They have gone much further in their practice than Russel. And don’t say that he is on some type of spiritual path blah blah. That’s old and tired.

    • Semper Fi, you’ve got to be kidding!!! WE are ALL born Addicted (Life or Death. Love or Fear) and are in Recovery every day of our lives, from toxic thoughts, feelings, food, visuals and anything of the sensations. I’ve experienced and witnessed the ADDICTION of GuRus to Samadhi, Power Greed Judgment & Validation, that’s a serious mental illness to me! Peace.

      • Semper Fi

        I appreciate your viewpoint that everyone has a pathology. That line has worked for eons. I feel I am just ready to transform away from that paradigm. “Then the seer dwells his own true splendor.”

  • I’ve listened to all these clips and they make me squeamish. The vibe reminds me of an awards show. I do like Russell Brand though.

  • He never struck me as a Yoga type but there is a big chance it will be good for him. Although yoga is powerful for both mind and body, he needs to stay focused and dedicated to reap the full benefits.

  • Amanda

    Love this interview! And I like that he talking about his experience more often than “most celebrities” just as a short spread in magazines. More people vocal about yoga the better!!

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