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Help BKS Iyengar Feature Documentary Film Get Finished

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We feel a little PBS fundraiser-ish around here sometimes – for just $50 you’ll get a DVD and commemorative bookmark! We have Bill Cosby on the phone right now taking your calls! – but yoga is no stranger to this new and wild world of online crowdfunding and we’re happy to help spread the word about some of the cool projects we’ve come across. The latest worthy of mention is a feature documentary on BKS Iyengar called Sadhaka: the yoga of BKS Iyengar by director Jake Clennell and executive producer and Senior Iyengar teacher Lindsey Clennell (son and husband of Senior Iyengar teacher Bobby Clennell, respectively).

With three years of footage, this film looks like a truly a unique documentary-style approach inside the teachings of a man who went from overcoming childhood illness with yoga, studying with Krishnamacharya (as did another modern yoga master, the late Pattabhi Jois) and developing his own prop-intensive yoga style that millions of people practice all over the world today.

Known as the “Lion of Pune” BKS Iyengar is a force to be reckoned with, as is Iyengar Yoga. At 94, Guruji is still very active in his own daily yoga practice.

“Iyengar Yoga is a no nonsense death process. It’s not meant for people who are cowards, who are wanting to run away from reality,” warns an Iyengar teacher in the film’s trailer. We’re looking forward to the final ferocious cut.

The documentary has already cost the Clennell crew $120,000 and they are anticipating it will cost another $120,000 to edit it in post-production. They set the fundraising goal at $60,000 and they’re asking for your help to get started. The campaign page also notes that proceeds from sales and screenings of the film will go to BKS Iyengar’s foundation for Bellur Village schools and hospital.

Check out the 22 minute trailer below and official indiegogo campaign page here.



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  • Frank

    Anyone know if this was ever funded? When can we expect it to be released (assuming it was)?

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