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‘You Know You’re a Yoga Mom When…’ – A Mother’s Day 4-Part Series

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To all the mommies out there living their yoga and sharing it with their little yoglettes, Happy Mother’s Day!

For some of you it might look like this (thanks to our good friend Logan and her yoga babies for this cute photo):


Or this:


Or this:

For Mother’s Day this year we asked four inspiring yoginis to share their experience in a 4-part series we’re calling “You know you’re a yoga mom when…”

We’re honored to share their words and experiences. Perhaps you can relate:

– Top 10 Signs You Are a Yogini Mother (Of Furry or Human Elves) by Nancy Alder

– Tales of a Bendy Mama: Life On and Off the Mat as a Yoga Teaching Mutha by Sarah Wells Kohl

– Lessons from the First Year of a First-Time Yoga Mom by Erica Rodefer Winters

– Toddler Dog by Toni Nagy



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