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Top 10 Signs You Are a Yogini Mother (Of Furry or Human Elves)

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Top 10 Signs You Are a Yogini Mother (Of Furry or Human Elves)

by Nancy Alder

1) You pick your outfits based upon what can go from the mat to the grocery store to the elementary school to the baseball game with the least amount of stares.

2) Your yoga mat has an eternal crust of goldfish crumbs and pet hair despite your best efforts to clean it.

3) Your downdog apparently resembles a jungle gym.

4) Your elves are the only ones in their class with shirts that say “Om” or have Ganesha on them.

5) Your elves take the only photos you have of you doing asanas or photobomb every attempt to have a grownup capture your awesomeness.


6) You plan your trainings, workshops and practices around not what are the ones you want most but the ones that do not conflict with birthday parties, science fairs or veterinary appointments.

7) Your babysitter, hired to watch, walk or entertain the elves while you teach yoga, makes more money than you do.

8) Your definition of “pranayama” includes quelling temper tantrums, trying not to use profanity and taking the edge off after a long field trip on the school bus.

9) Your elves are learned to count using yoga props.

10) You do not need an excess of backbends to have your heart blown wide open; the little people and furry ones in your life are all the Ustrasanas required.


Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow yogini jugglers, CEOs, EMTs, therapists and elf wranglers! We mothers play our many roles with aplomb and all the while let the world think it is as easy as slicing butter on a hot day. The best job in the world is also the hardest, most hilarious and brings us to the brink of sanity on a daily basis. So I raise my green juice class to my yogini mom tribe! You go gals, today is your day!

Nancy Alder is a mom to two human and one furry elf. When not exploring the enchanted forest with them she teaches the Yoga of Ease in CT, writes about yoga and counts the days until the next snowfall. She can be found busting asanas at elementary school events, baseball games and her home away from home, www.flyingyogini.com.

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