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TWIY: Guinea Pig Yoga Cuteness, Two Giveaways Ending!, Bikram Accused of Rape

in This Week in Yoga

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As if the new moon and solar eclipse weren’t enough to rock the cosmic boat this week, some heavy hitting news broke through our naturally meditative state and shattered the facade of stillness. Of course, we are talking about Guinea Pig Yoga! Kidding. They are pretty gosh darn adorable though aren’t they?

On a serious note, what we learned about this week isn’t funny at all (it starts with r and rhymes with grape). For those saying this is bad for yoga, we respectfully disagree. It’s obviously not good, but having this rather dark and awful stuff come to light is PART of the yoga. Yes it totally bites the big asana that it’s happening within the yoga community, but we are all humans (except for maybe Zac Efron) and we are not impervious to faults, and in this case, allegedly terrible things.

What we can do as a yoga community is be grateful that we are helping to create a world where truths are told, and maybe these kinds of things we’ll start hearing about less and less, not because we’re silenced and oppressed but because they’re just not happening anymore.

For now we need to listen. Chin up. Practice on.

And don’t worry, there is some good news this week too…including TWO giveaways! Woop.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Practicing Yoga After 50: Where to Start?
Just because you’re 50! 50 years old doesn’t mean you’re not a yoga supahstah.



Lululemon Sued Over Exec Bonus Pay Increase, Right Before See-Through Pants Recall
Lulu’s line exec’s pockets while they sell see-through pants.



Jessica Simpson’s Yoga Obsession is Cray Cray, Says Fiance
This is tabloid gossip. Or is it?



Bikram Choudhury Accused of Rape in Two New Lawsuits
The big news this week that we referenced earlier.



Guinea Pig Yoga
Guinea pigs! Doing yoga! That is all. Smile.


Meditating Dog

You Don’t Need to Meditate
A bit of a ruckus-rousing post from J. Brown. It will make you think, if you like that sort of thing.



Who Said It: Which Female Pop Star Is Prepping for Big Upcoming Shows with Yoga?
Pop stars do yoga too! Here’s a fun game.



YD Giveaway: Yoga for Fibromyalgia by Shoosh Lettick Crotzer
2 more days left to enter!



Mother’s Day Giveaway: The Yoga Poster + YD Tank You Mom + Eye Pillow
Giveaway ends Sunday!



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