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Jessica Simpson’s Yoga Obsession is Cray Cray, Says Fiance

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Jessica Simpson is Yoga ob-SESSED (maybe). | image via usmagazine.com

OK, so this is likely a piece of tabloidy celebrity gossip rubbish but is it so wrong we want to believe it’s true? This tale comes to us via the National Enquirer by way of Gossip Cop, so, uh…yeah, we feel a little dirty sharing, but it’s hilarious and mayyybe a teeny, tiny, itty bitty bit true?

So apparently, allegedly, as rumor has it, pregnant Jessica Simpson is driving her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, absolutely bonkers with a crazy yoga obsession. According to an “insider” who astoundingly always knows what’s up, “Eric says he can’t get a word of sense out of Jessica these days because she’s so consumed with yoga.”

Jessica is due to birth her second baby in August and the source says, “This experience with baby number two has been way healthi­er than the first, and she’s convinced it’s because she’s prop­erly centered through meditating,” said the source. “For the first time in her life, she feels fully in control.”

Now THAT may actually be true. Good for you, girl! But this yoga thing has become such a problem that Jessica is “so con­sumed” by it, says the snitch, that “she shuts herself away for hours at a time, sitting cross-legged and chanting…When she’s not meditating, she’s reading a book about yoga or on the phone with friends talking about meditation.” Which is just INSANITY! Or by Hollywood standards, a way to keep your sanity?

Yoga is increasingly the activity of choice these days as a method of turning inward and finding inner peace, for tinsel townians and regular folk alike, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Jessica, who has seen enough tortuous press (granted a large percentage on purpose, and paying her bills!) is clinging to the ancient practice for a little “me” time. And it’s not a shock tabloidy rags are taking a break from alien babies and secret weight loss surgery to dish on celebriyogis. But, could any of this be true? Oh we hope so!

We’re informed that Jessica discovered her love for yoga three years ago while touring Asia for her “Price of Beauty” documentary reality series, and not, as you might have suspected, when she walked into a yoga studio thinking it was a new kind of Pinkberry. “Price of Beauty” was about exploring the meaning of “true beauty” in different cultures. Perhaps Jessica is exploring her own inner beauty now? We just got misty eyed for a second.

Hey Jessica, don’t you worry girlfriend, if Eric doesn’t like it just make your way over to Russell Brand’s house!

We’ll say it now…Jessica Simpson will be the next (first?) celebriyogi reality TV show star.

If you’ve got 20 mins to kill and a few cocktails on hand, you can watch the India episode of “Price of Beauty” where Jessica and friends learn about Bollywood, henna, the neti pot and laughter yoga.




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  • I had already been practicing yoga before I became pregnant with our first child, so I never thought twice about transitioning into a prenatal class. What I didn’t expect was how much of those prenatal yoga classes would carry over once I became a mom. I truly believe that these ideas apply not only in for preparing for a baby, but also have helped me be a better mom.

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